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Bloomings Books

ABC of Calf Rearing, The by Sharyn Munnerley

Australian Fungi, Field Companion to by Bruce Fuhrer

Australian Grasshoppers and Locusts, A Guide to by D.C.F Rentz, R.C. Lewis, Y.N. Su and M.S. Upton

Cattle Breeds in Australia; A Complete Guide by Jenny Parsons

Eagles Hawks and Falcons of Australia by David Hollands

Environmental Weeds by Kate Blood

Essential Lavender; The Gardener’s Guide by Virginia McNaughton

Eucalypts of South Australia by Dean Nicolle

Eucalypts, Field Guide to Volume 1; South-western & Southern Australia by M.I.H. Brooker & D.A. Kleinig

Eucalypts, Field Guide to Volume 2; South-western & Southern Australia by M.I.H. Brooker & D.A. Kleinig

From the Country: An Anthology by T.R. Garnett edited by George Seddon

Gardens in Australia: Their Design and Care facsimile edition of the author’s copy by Edna Walling

Gordon Ford: The Natural Australian Garden by Gordon Ford with Gwen Ford

Grasses of Temperate Australia: A Field Guide by C.A. Lamp, S.J. Forbes and J.W. Cade

Grassland Plants of South-Eastern Australia by Neil and Jane Marriott

Indigenous Plants of the Sandbelt: A Gardening Guide for South-eastern Melbourne by Rob Scott, et al.

Native Orchids of Southern Australia, a Field Guide to the by David & Barbara Jones

Native Plants of Melbourne and adjoining areas by David & Barbara Jones

Nest Boxes for Wildlife: a practical guide  by Alan and Stacey Franks

Suburban Backlash: the battle for the world’s most liveable city by Miles Lewis

Terre Napoleon by Susan Hunt and Paul Carter

Tropical Food Gardens: a guide to growing fruit, herbs and vegetables in tropical and sub-tropical climates by Leonie Norrington

Vision of Edna Walling, The by Trisha Dixon and Jennie Churchill

Wildflowers of Sydney and adjoining areas by Alan Fairley

Wildflowers of Victoria by Margaret G. Corrick and Bruce A. Fuhrer

William Dampier in New Holland


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