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50 Years of Volkswagens in New Zealand by Philip Coyle

Aircraft of Air New Zealand and Affiliates Since 1940, The by Paul Sheehan

Alternative Drivestyles: New Zealand custom-built cars by Patrick Harlow

Antipodean Tales: Stories from the dark side edited by Stephen Cain

ANZAC Elite: The Airborne and Special Forces Insignia of Australia and New Zealand by Cliff Lord and Julian Tennant

Bridges of New Zealand by Patrick Hudson

Chariots For Fire: A Pictorial History of the New Zealand Fire Engine by Brian Denton

Celluloid Dreams: A century of film in New Zealand - Editors: Geoffrey Churchman, Stephen Cain and Patrick Hudson

Danger Ahead: New Zealand railway accidents in the modern era by Geoffrey Churchman

Era of Coastal Shipping in New Zealand, The: The Small Motor Ships by Murray Jennings

How to Be Happy and Successful in $elling by Brian O'Donnell

Lust to Kill: Notorious New Zealand murders by Fred McLean

Morris Minor Story, The New Zealand by Reiner Schoenbrunn

Midland Line, The: New Zealand's Trans-Alpine Railway by Geoffrey Churchman

Nets, Lines and Pots: A history of New Zealand fishing vessels - Volume One by Emmanuel Makarios

Nets, Lines and Pots - Volume Two by Emmanuel Makarios

Nets, Lines and Pots - Volume Three by Emmanuel Makarios

New Gobbledygook, The: a New Zealand dictionary and guidebook by Peter Isaac

New Zealand Art for Investment by Fred McLean

New Zealand Railway Memories: Compiled from the J.D. Mahoney Collection

Nga Waka Maori: Maori canoes by Anne

On the TransAlpine Trail: A travel guide to State Highway 73 and the Midland Railway (fourth edition) by Geoffrey Churchman

Railway Electrification in Australia and New Zealand by Geoffrey Churchman

Railways of New Zealand, The : A journey through history by Geoffrey B. Churchman & Tony Hurst

Rutherford's Dreams: A New Zealand science fiction collection edited by Warwick Bennett and Patrick Hudson

South Island Main Trunk by Geoffrey Churchman & Tony Hurst

Top Walking Tracks of the Wellington Region by Geoffrey Churchman

Traincatcher: Adventures of a rail traveller by Colin Taylor

Wellington: A Capital Century by David McGill

Will to Kill: The Barlow trial and other notable New Zealand murders by Fred McLean

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