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Review of The New Zealand Morris Minor Story by Reiner Schoenbrunn

Reiner Schoenbrunn has been resident in New Zealand since 1984 and compiling this book I am sure has been a labour of Love for the founder member of the Wellington Morris Minor Club.

The Publication is not only a tribute to the Morris Minor that was produced in that part of the World, but also an insight into the history of Dominion Motors from its formation in 1919, which produced many other vehicles, not only the Minor. This book differs, in as much it gives the reader an insight into what life was really like working in the factories (there was more than one!) through the eyes of the people that worked there, some of which are amusing stories. It also extends beyond history with in-depth studies into current day collectors and enthusiasts in New Zealand.

The book is lavishly illustrated with archive photographs of the various productions lines in full operation, some wonderful current colour photographs as well as many advertising brochures of that era. Another touch that I enjoy, are the 'Then & Now' photographs.

It also extends beyond history with in-depth studies into current day collectors and enthusiasts in New Zealand.

This a marvelous book and well worth buying; it should be the top of every Minor enthusiast's Christmas list, so with that in mind it may be time to start dropping hints for the Yuletide gift by leaving this page open for all to see!
-Russell Harvey

Review in Classic Car magazine, July 2002 issue:
Don't be fooled by the author's name, Schoenbrunn may be German but he has been a New Zealand resident since 1984, and was a founder member of the Wellington Morris Minor Club. An enthusiast for the Morrie for many years, the author indulged his love for the car when he emigrated to New Zealand, remembering that back then, it seemed that every second car you saw on the roads was a Morrie. Unable to find local information on the Morris, Schoenbrunn started talking to owners and car workers, eventually amassing enough information for this book. With a start point in 1919 - the original foundation of Dominion Motors - the book traces the history of this seminal local car assembler right up to its eventual merger with NZMC. Along the way, the history of the Morris Minor CKD assembly and sales in NZ is covered in extensive detail. Adding to the overall worth of this book is a wealth of rare photographs depicting actual assembly lines, sales rooms and car assembly plants in Newmarket and Panmure.

Just to make the book more valuable, the author also includes long interviews with many of the men who built and sold Morris Minors in New Zealand - including the Dominion Motors worker who had the distinction of driving the very first Morrie on New Zealand soil.

It's great to see local book publishers getting behind projects such as this especially when the final product is so good. With the continuing popularity that the Morris Minor enjoys in New Zealand I would expect this new book to be an exceptionally good seller. An absolute must for all Morrie fans.

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