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Cafes of the World by David Burton & Grant Sheehan

Canterbury Grapes & Wines 1840-2002 by Danny Schuster, David Jackson & Rupert Tipples

Carved Pare, The: A Maori Mirror of the Universe by David Simmons

Cattle Breeds in Australia; A Complete Guide by Jenny Parsons

Caught in a Singapore Sling by Bob Nimmo

Celebration, The : Collection of Short Stories by Raymond Pillai

Celluloid Dreams: A century of film in New Zealand - Editors: Geoffrey Churchman, Stephen Cain and Patrick Hudson

Cephalopods: A World Guide by Mark Norman

Chariots For Fire: A Pictorial History of the New Zealand Fire Engine by Brian Denton

Chamorro Word Book and tape by Marilyn Salas, edited by Josefina Barcinas illustrated by Roland Miranda

Charming Bed & Breakfast in New Zealand (2004 edition)

Chemistry serves the South Pacific

Children of the Sun: Fiji Islands by Glen Craig

Children’s Grief: A Guide for Parents by Pam Heaney

Chosen One, The by Alan J. Garner

Cikobia-I-Ra: Archaeology of a Fijian Island by Christophe Sand et al

City Possessed, A ; The Christchurch Civic Creche Case by Lynley Hood

Classic Fighters 2005 Souvenir Edition

Classic Fighters 2007 Souvenir Edition

Classic Motorcycles in New Zealand by Kerry Swanson

Classic Wines of New Zealand by Michael Cooper

Classic Yard Games: An Instructional Manual for Parents, Teachers and Children by Garry Powell

Climate & Agriculture in the Pacific Islands: future perspectives edited by William Aalbersberg, Patrick D. Nunn and Asesela D. Ravuvu

Cloud Farm: High on Banks Peninsula by Jane Chetwynd

Coaching Process, The : a practical guide to improving your effectiveness by Lynn Kidman and Stephanie Hanrahan

Coastal Fishes of South-Eastern Australia by Rudie Kuiter

Coasting: The Sea Lion and the Lark by Neville Peat

Cocos Island, Diving and Snorkeling Guide to by Lucy Agace

Cold Beer and Crocodiles; a Bicycle Journey into Australia by Roff Smith

Coming to Grief: A Survival Guide to Grief and Loss by Pam Heaney

Companion to Easter Island, A by James Grant Peterkin

The Complete Guide to Antarctic Wildlife: Birds and Marine Mammals of the Antarctic Continent and the Southern Ocean by Hadoram Shirihai Illustrated by Brett Jarrett

Composer to Composer: Conversations about contemporary music by Andrew Ford

Confession and Other Stories, The by Julian Maka’a

Conrad Martens on the Beagle and in Australia by Susanna De Vries

Cook Islands Cook Book by Taiora Matenga-Smith

Cook Islands Custom by William Wyatt Gill

Cook Islands Handbook, Mad Mike's by Mike Hollywood

Cook Islands Legends retold by Jon Jonassen

Cook Islands Maori Dictionary by Jasper Buse & Raututi Taringa, edited by Bruce Biggs & Rangi Moeka’a

Cook Island Maori Names: Ingoa by Jon Jonassen

Coral Reef Fishes: Caribbean, Indian Ocean, and Pacific Ocean Including the Red Sea by Ewald Lieske and Robert Myers

Coral Seas by Roger Steene

Corals of Australia and the Indo-Pacific by John Veron

Coromandel Gold: A Guide to the Historic Goldfields of Coromandel Peninsula by Phil Moore & Neville Ritchie

Covenant Makers, The: Islander Missionaries in the Pacific, edited by Doug Munro & Andrew Thornley

Cranky Granny by Eleni McDermott

Creative Spirits: An insight into the life and work of some extraordinary Australians by Don Featherstone

Crew Culture: New Zealand seafarers under sail and steam by Neill Atkinson

Crime in New Zealand by Greg Newbold

Crisis in New Zealand Schools, The by Martin Hames

Crossfire: An Australian Reconnaisance Unit in Vietnam by Peter Haran and Robert Kearney

Cross Tides by Lorraine Orman

Crustacea: Guide of the World by Helmut Debelius

Cuckoos, Nightbirds & Kingfishers of Australia. Edited by Ronald Strahan

Cultural Crafts of Niue; Pandanus Weaving by Shari Cole & Vitolia Kulatea

Culture and Democracy in the South Pacific written by Aiono et al

Culture Counts; Changing Power Relations in Education by Russell Bishop and Ted Glynn

Cultural Identity and Ethnicity in the Pacific ed. by Jocelyn Linnekin; Lin Poyer

Culture, Kastom and Tradition: Cultural Policy in Melanesia edited by Lamont Lindstrom and Geoffrey M. White

Culture, Rights, and Cultural Rights: Perspectives from the South Pacific edited by Margaret Wilson and Paul Hunt

Customary Land Tenure and Sustainable Development edited by Ron Crocombe

Custom Stories from Choiseul by Colin Rugebatu & 16 others

Cycling Australia by Nicola Wells et al.

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