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Pacific Island books was founded in 1999 by Kathy Ryan after her husband's New Zealand publisher found it difficult to find a US distributor. Further frustrated at the lack of good books from the Pacific Region in the United States, Kathy decided to do something about it and set up the company in partnership with her photographer/ writer husband Paddy Ryan.

In this instance, "small is beautiful". With a catalog that is small enough to be manageable our aim is to provide reviews of many of the books we offer and to give you a forum for feedback. We also want to provide a resource for school projects on the Pacific region and will regularly post photos for downloading for this and other non-commercial purposes.

Because we aim to provide good quality images, download times may take a while. But we think that you'll think it is worth it.

Click here for a bio of Paddy

Click here for a bio of Kathy

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