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Dalai Lama Story, The : The Making of a World Leader by Andrew Crowe

Dancer, The by Celia Power-Loeffler

Dancing with Cats by Burton Silver and Heather Busch

Dancing with Cranes: On location with a New Zealand wildlife film-maker by Alison Ballance

Danger Ahead: New Zealand railway accidents in the modern era by Geoffrey Churchman

Dangerous Democracy?: News Media Politics in New Zealand
edited by Judy McGregor

Dark by Penelope Todd

Dark Faith, A by Justin MacRae

Davey and the Awatea
by W. A. Laxon

Day of Grass by Peter Dornauf

Dead Jazz Guys and other stories
by Phil Kawana

Designer Genes: The NZ Guide to the issues and facts about Genetic Engineering edited by Ray Prebble

Deuba: A Study of a Fijian Village by William R. Geddes

Developing Scenario-Based Learning edited by Edward Errington

Developments in Polynesian Ethnology edited by Alan Howard and Robert Borofsky

Diamonds in the Sand by Laurel Benson

Diamond Mine: The Essence of Poetry by Kimberley N. Powell

Diary of a Team: the real story behind implementing successful teamwork by Colin L. Howe & Michael Robert Fox

Distance Education in the South Pacific edited by Richard Guy, Toshio Kosuge and Rieko Hayakawa

Diving and Snorkelling Australiaís Great Barrier Reef
by Len Zell

Diving and Snorkeling Guide to Australia; Southeast Coast and Tasmania
by Peter Stone

Diving and Snorkeling Guide to Fiji
by W. Gregory Brown

Diving and Snorkeling Guide to the Hawaiian Islands by Doug Wallin

Diving and Snorkeling Guide to Vanuatu by Bob Bowdey, Judy Beaty, and Brian Ansell

Diving and Snorkeling New Zealand by Jenny and Tony Enderby

Diving and Snorkeling Papua New Guinea
by Bob Halstead and Tim Rock

Doctor in Vanuatu: A Memoir by Dr. E. A. (Ted) Freeman

Doing Our Best: New Zealand mothers speak from the heart edited by Leanne McKenzie & Gail Thomas

Domodomo, the scholarly journal of the Fiji Museum

Don’t Come Back! by Reiko & Robert Elliott

Donít Cry Mama by Vilsoni (Tausie) Hereniko

Donít Forget Your Whistle!: Physical Education Activities for Young Children
edited by Peter Meaney, illustrated by Roy Bisson

Don’t Panic: Head for the Hills – New Zealand Short Stories by Glenis Jacobs

Down But Not Out by Elizabeth Berns

Down To Earth! The Absolute Beginner's Guide to Growing Organic Vegetables by David Prosser

Dread by Stephen Sinclair

Driving Scenic New Zealand by Dave Chowdhury

Duffle Bag Kid, The by Hank Venrooy

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