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Dunmore Press

Baudrillard West of the Dateline edited by Victoria Grace, Heather Worth and Laurence Simmons

Blind Impress, The by Michael Jackson

Buildings to Enjoy drawings by Lewis E. Martin

Business Manoeuvre Warfare: Managerial Strategies for the Twenty-First Century by Richard J. Pech, Robert M. Pech and David M. Tweed

Classic Motorcycles in New Zealand by Kerry Swanson

Coaching Process, The : a practical guide to improving your effectiveness by Lynn Kidman and Stephanie Hanrahan

Coromandel Gold: A Guide to the Historic Goldfields of Coromandel Peninsula by Phil Moore & Neville Ritchie

Crime in New Zealand by Greg Newbold

Crisis in New Zealand Schools, The by Martin Hames

Culture Counts; Changing Power Relations in Education by Russell Bishop and Ted Glynn

Dangerous Democracy?: News Media Politics in New Zealand edited by Judy McGregor

Davey and the Awatea by W. A. Laxon

Developing Scenario-Based Learning edited by Edward Errington

Early Childhood Literacy Handbook, The New Zealand: Practical Literacy Ideas for Early Childhood Centres by Judy Hamer and Paul Adams

Ecomyth: Challenging the dogma and ideology of the international 'green' movement by Lance Kennedy

Education & Society in Aotearoa New Zealand: An Introduction to the Social and Policy Contexts of Schooling and Education by Paul Adams et al.

Electoral and Constitutional Change In New Zealand: An MMP Source Book edited by Jonathan Boston, Stephen Levine, Elizabeth McLeay and Nigel S. Roberts

Essential Pocket Kiwi, The by Nicholas Tarling

Ethical Teacher, The by Ivan Snook

Exploring Maori Values by John Patterson

Farewell Colonialism: The New Zealand International Exhibition Christchurch, 1906-07 edited by John Mansfield Thomson

Foreign Investment: The New Zealand Experience edited by Peter Enderwick

Hawke's Bay: The History of a Province by Matthew Wright

In Other Words!: A dictionary of expressions used in New Zealand compiled by Lynn E. Grant and Gaylene A. Devlin

Interactive Identities: Jewish Women in New Zealand by Livia Käthe Wittmann

In The Public Good?: Censorship in New Zealand by Chris Watson and Roy Shuker

It’s All Done With Mirrors by Geoff Lealand and Helen Martin

Learners with special needs in Aotearoa New Zealand edited by Deborah Fraser, Roger Moltzen and Ken Ryba

Learning through Storytelling: Using Reflection and Experience In Higher Education Contexts by Janice McDrury and Maxine Alterio

Learning to Read in Aotearoa New Zealand: a collaboration between early childhood educators, families and schools edited by Paul Adams and Heather Ryan

Left To Write Too by Harry Hood

Masculinities in Aotearoa/New Zealand edited by Robin Law, Hugh Campbell and John Dolan

Milestones: Turning Points in New Zealand History by Tom Brooking

New Zealand Coast, The ; Te Tai O Aotearoa edited by James R Goff, Scott L Nichol and Helen L Rouse

New Zealand Economy,The : Issues & Policies edited by Stuart Birks & Srikanta Chatterjee

New Zealand Politics Source Book, The (3rd Edition) edited by Stephen Levine with Paul Harris

New Zealand Society 2nd Edition edited by Paul Spoonley, David Pearson and Ian Shirley

Nga Patai Racism & Ethnic Relations in Aotearoa/New Zealand edited by Paul Spoonley, Cluny Macpherson, David Pearson

Ombudsman in New Zealand, The by Bryan Gilling

Only Their Purpose is Mad: The Money Men Take Over NZ by Bruce Jesson

People of The Land – A Pacific Philosophy by John Patterson

Peter Fraser: Master Politician edited by Margaret Clark

Professional Practice of Teaching, The (2nd edition) edited by Clive McGee and Deborah Fraser

Reading The Writing On The Wall: Debates, Challenges and Opportunities in the Teaching of Reading by Tom Nicholson

Religions of New Zealanders edited by Peter Donovan

Republicanism in New Zealand edited by Luke Trainor

Rights, Rules & Responsibilities in International Conduct edited by Russell Solomon

Right to Read: An Open Letter to Teachers by Harry Hood

Secrets of Successful Practising for Guitarists, The by Kevin Downing

Sir Keith Holyoake: Towards a Political Biography edited by Margaret Clark

Sport in New Zealand Society edited by Chris Collins

Tangata O Te Moana Nui: The Evolving Identities of Pacific Peoples in Aotearoa/New Zealand edited by Cluny Macpherson, Paul Spoonley, Melani Anae

Troubled Times: Academic Freedom in New Zealand edited by Rob Crozier

University from Ancient Greece to the 20th Century, The by Glenys Patterson

Waiheke Island: A History by Paul Monin

What’s News? edited by Judy McGregor and Margie Comrie

Writing Guidelines for Business Students edited by Lisa Emerson

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