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Eagles Hawks and Falcons of Australia by David Hollands

Eagle's Complete Trees and Shrubs of New Zealand by Audrey Eagle

Early Childhood Literacy Handbook, The New Zealand: Practical Literacy Ideas for Early Childhood Centres by Judy Hamer and Paul Adams

Earning a Living in the Visual Arts and Crafts by James Stokes

Earth, A Speck of Dust by Keith Wilson

Easter Island by International Travel Maps

Easter Island, a novel by Jennifer Vanderbes

Eastern Suburbs Walks by Joan Lawrence

Ecology and Evolution of Darwin’s Finches by Peter Grant

Ecomyth: Challenging the dogma and ideology of the international 'green' movement by Lance Kennedy

Ecuador & the Galápagos Islands by Rob Rachowiecki

Eddie’s Mistake by Mark Chamberlain

Editing Made Easy: Secrets of the Professionals by Bruce Kaplan

Education & Society in Aotearoa New Zealand: An Introduction to the Social and Policy Contexts of Schooling and Education by Paul Adams et al.

Effective Ineptitude: The secrets of corporate climbing by John Smartt

Eight Days a Week: The Beatles’ Tour of New Zealand 1964 by Graham Hutchins

Electoral and Constitutional Change In New Zealand: An MMP Source Book edited by Jonathan Boston, Stephen Levine, Elizabeth McLeay and Nigel S. Roberts

Electrotechnology. Published by Open Mind Publishing

Eleven Stories from Ranongga/Manoga Maka Vavakato pa Ganoqa by Lesieli ‘Atonio and 7 others

Elizabeth Yates; The First Lady Mayor in the British Empire by Judith Devaliant

Endometriosis; One Woman's Story by Megan Harvey

Enjoying Birds in Hawaii: A Birdfinding Guide to the Fiftieth State by Douglas Pratt

Environmental Weeds by Kate Blood

Era of Coastal Shipping in New Zealand, The: The Small Motor Ships by Murray Jennings

Erosion of Marriage, The: the effect of law on New Zealand’s foundational institution by Angela Burgess

Escape from Bosnia; Aza's Story as told to Sue McCauley

Essential Lavender; The Gardener’s Guide by Virginia McNaughton

Essential Pocket Kiwi, The by Nicholas Tarling

Ethical Teacher, The by Ivan Snook

Eucalypts of South Australia by Dean Nicolle

Eucalypts, Field Guide to Volume 1; South-western & Southern Australia by M.I.H. Brooker & D.A. Kleinig

Eucalypts, Field Guide to Volume 2; South-western & Southern Australia by M.I.H. Brooker & D.A. Kleinig

Explanation of Poetry to My Father, An by Glenn Colquhoun

Explore Queensland: Over 70 Tours of the Sunshine State by Bruce Elder

Explore Wilderness Australia; Over 80 ecotours across the Australian continent by Neil Hermes

Exploring Hanauma Bay by Susan Scott with photographs by David Schrichte

Exploring Maori Values by John Patterson

Extinct Birds of New Zealand by Alan Tennyson and illustrated by Paul Martinson

EyeOpeners by Scott Eastham

Eyes like Butterflies: A treasury of similes and metaphors from modern literature in English
by Terence Hodgson

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