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Land, Water and Rural Development

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Land, Water and Rural Development


Fisheries Development in Fiji: The Quest for Sustainability by Joeli Veitayaki. Recommended retail price $18, our price $17.

Overpopulation, urbanization, and contemporary commerce have heightened concern for long-term sustainability of one of Fijiís greatest assets: its fisheries. Dietary, environmental, and income concerns mean Fiji must develop management practices if it is to care for its people in the future.

There is no doubt of the changes in Fiji fisheries. Skills and technology are evolving: some traditional ones are lost forever, some new ones are developing. Custom and tenure is changing as well. Joeli Veitayaki argues here for a mix of old and new ways to accommodate changes in societyís needs and capabilities. Among the means of developing fisheries are replenishing stocks, imposing catch and size limits, periodically closing grounds, and certainly gathering as much knowledge as possible of the resources themselves.

This volume of solid research and thoughtful analysis is a timely addition to the field of marine studies. Case study of Qoma Island. Soft cover, 250 pages.

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