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Fiji Travel and Local Guides


FIJI2000: The Dawning of a New Millennium. Photography by Peter Henning & Glen Craig. Published by Dream On Fiji Island &Glen Craig Publishing. ISBN 982-9006-02-6. Recommended retail price $13.95.

A lovely collection of Fiji photographs by Peter Henning and Glen Craig (aka Glenbo). A wonderful souvenir or an advance taste of Fiji if you plan on a visit. A trivial criticism ... the clown fish pictured does not (to my knowledge) occur in Fiji!

Hard cover, 72 pp. Published in 1999.


Fiji, a Lonely Planet travel survival kit by Robyn Jones and Leonardo Pinheiro. Recommended retail price $14.95, our price $14.50.

Robyn Jones and Leonardo Pinheiro have put together a highly useful guide. It packs a lot of up-to-date information into its 305 pages. Soft cover.


Fiji Handbook by David Stanley. Published by Moon Travel Handbooks. Recommended retail price $14.95, our price $14.

David Stanley knows Fiji like no other travel writer (with the possible exception of Rob Kay). This is the fifth edition of a well-loved and respected book. It provides information on every facet of a Fijian visit including frank reviews of island lodgings (Stanley refuses any freebies on the grounds that it might interfere with his impartiality). I found the internet websites and e-mail addresses particularly useful. Also provided are 42 detailed maps and a good review of Fiji history. The nature section, necessarily superficial, gives a brief intro to Fiji's rich natural heritage. Recommended. Soft cover, 322 pages


Fiji Islands. Map. Recommended retail price $7.95

This 1: 650,00 scale map of Fiji is unusual for two reasons. First of all it is the only map officially sanctioned by the Fiji Visitor's Bureau, secondly it uses the correct Fijian orthography for the place names. No extra letters are inserted for English speakers who are too lazy to learn approximately correct pronunciation. Most resorts are shown and the reverse side of the map provides a wealth of useful accurate information about the country. Highly recommended.


Fijian phrasebook by Paul Geraghty. Recommended retail price $5.95.

Paul Geraghty is the most skilled linguist in Fiji today. This British born genius can speak many of Fijiís dialects, he has just completed the translation of the second edition of Paddyís Fijiís Natural Heritage into Fijian. Fijian phrasebook covers most of the social situations any visitor is likely to encounter during a Fijian visit. Paul also provides useful information about Fijian etiquette. If you visit Fiji be sure to take this book along with you. Soft cover, 177 pages.

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