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This is a collection of somewhat idiosyncratic links to other websites that are relevant to the Pacific region.


Cook Island Natural

Description: Worlds first online marketplace dedicated to promoting products grown or made locally in the Cook Islands. 10% of Cook Island Naturals profits are donated back to the Cook Islands Community.

Hazel Edwards

Hazel Edwards wrote Writing a Non-boring family History which we sell here. You can check out some of her other work at her own site.


A link to a Tahiti travel site. Gives you all the information you need for a great visit.

Mark Cross

Mark is a superb, self-taught painter who lives in Niue. We currently stock one of Mark's books but recommend you check out his website to learn more about the man, his painting and Niue.

Milford Deep Underwater Observatory

Check out the wonders of Fiordland Underwater without getting your feet wet!

Ryan Photographic

A collection of Paddy's nature photos which are available for sale. New pics are being added all the time but for now the site concentrates on frogs, brachiopods, tuatara, kakapo and kiwi!

Tawaki Dive

Scuba dive New Zealand's Fiordland region in the capable hands of Sarah and/or Dave.


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