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Midway Atoll

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Midway Atoll


Diamonds in the Sand: An Almost True Tale of Midway Atoll by Laurel Benson. Published by Paros Press. ISBN 0-97-020933-9. Recommended retail price $16.95.

A tiny speck of land in the vast pacific, Midway Atoll has been an important link in the Commercial Pacific Cable Company, an exotic destination for the Pan American World Airway clipper seaplanes, and the site of a pivotal battle in World War II. Now it is a wildlife refuge, home to more seabirds than can be counted.

Seven people have gathered on this remote atoll. Although they all have a common interest in wildlife, they each have a special reason for being here. Julie hopes for a clue to the disappearance of her nephew. Sara is trying to rebuild her life after a shattering divorce. Don has a compelling need to be on Midway for the anniversary of the Battle, although he doesn't count on the Japanese being there. And another man is searching for a fortune in diamonds.

In the course of two weeks, Midway Atoll changes them all.

Laurel Benson lives with her husband in Loveland, Colorado. She taught history for twenty years and has published a collection of short historical pieces. Diamonds in the Sand is her first novel. Soft cover, 117 pages. Published in 2001.

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