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New Caledonia

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New Caledonia


New Caledonia by Leanne Logan and Geert Cole. Recommended retail price $14.95, our price $14.50.

The French are not particularly popular in the Pacific because of the Rainbow Warrior bombing and their insistence on carrying out nuclear tests as far from metropolitan France as possible (in French Polynesia … fortunately now suspended). Nonetheless the French have a flair that cannot be denied and wherever they have colonized, the results have been great food and lousy roads. New Caledonia remains a French possession. This Lonely Planet guide provides useful, accurate information on where to stay, eat and visit. Unfortunately New Caledonia’s flora and fauna gets only passing mention. Tim Flannery (the author of The Future Eaters amongst others) once told me that New Caledonia is the most fascinating place biologically, he’s visited in the South Pacific. In addition New Caledonia provides great diving. Grab this guide and go. Soft cover, 268 pages.

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