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Australia Travel and Local Guides Page 1


Australia by Hugh Finlay et al. Recommended retail price $24.95, our price $22.

Australia has become part of the consciousness of the Western World. Aussies are renowned for being capable “blokes and sheilas” who make great wine and are ready to throw a few shrimps on the barby. In reality the Australians are a polyglot society with strong Greek and Italian communities and a vibrant culture … far removed from the typical stereotype.

Australia has come a long way from the days of its “white Australia” policy and its original inhabitants the aborigines are finally beginning to get fair and humane treatment … but there is still some distance to go.

This massive Lonely Planet Guide introduces you to the delights of this island continent with good advice on where to visit, what to eat, how to travel, where to stay and how to avoid various sexually transmitted diseases. To my delight this volume has a color section on flora and fauna. If you buy one travel guide to Australia (and you shouldn’t) this is it. Highly recommended. Soft cover, 1033 pages.


Australia Handbook by Marael Johnson and Andrew Hempstead. Published by Moon Travel Handbooks. ISBN 1-56691-158-3. Recommended retail price $21.95, our price $20.

Another in the well-respected Moon Travel Handbooks series. Australia Handbook is a comprehensive survey of where to go, what to do and what to see in Australia. There is in-depth coverage of scuba diving and cruising the Great Barrier Reef, four-wheel driving and camel-trekking in the outback. Coverage of Lord Howe and Norfolk islands, Aboriginal Culture, eating and drinking … you name it, it’s here.

As the New York Times said:

“From Alice Springs to Adelaide, this guide is the most comprehensive companion available to down under”. Soft cover and a staggering 927 pages! Published 2000.


Australia, Insight Guide. Published by Insight Guides. ISBN 0-88729-447-2. Recommended retail price $24.95

Insight Guide: Australia is a superb compendium of everything Australian. It isn't 7000 pages of tightly written information a la Lonely Planet Guide but it does pack a huge amount of easily assimilable information into its 405 pages. The cover doesn't list the number of color photos but at a guess (life is too short too count them) I'd say there are at least 500. If I had to have just one guide to Australia ... I think it would be this. Soft cover, 405 pages. Published in 1998.


Australia, Let's Go. Published by Let's Go Publications. ISBN 0-312-24345-6. Recommended retail price $22.99.

The Los Angeles Times describes these guides as "Value-packed, accurate and comprehensive."

Let's Go: Australia gives comprehensive, fun, budget-minded coverage of Australia, including extensive adventure travel options, from hiking Kakadu to diving the Great Barrier Reef. The Let's Go guides are up-to-date because there are on-the-road researchers who reassess every listing, every year. Soft cover, 689 pages. Published in 2001.


Australia, Maverick Guide to, edited by Len Rutledge. Published by Pelican Publishing Company. ISBN 1-56554-772-1. Recommended retail price $17.95.

This fully updated twelfth edition portrays Australia as an alluring, yet accessible, vacation destination. Travelers with a penchant for the extraordinary will find valuable information on the "do's" - and just as important, the 'don'ts" - of an Australian vacation. Included are recommendations on:

¨ Sightseeing
¨ Wildife
¨ Transportation
¨ Dining
¨ Guided Tours
¨ Shopping
¨ Accommodations
¨ Entertainment

Soft cover, 398 pages. Published in 2000.


Australia The Beautiful Land by Bruce Elder. Published by New Holland Publishers.ISBN 1864360046. Recommended retail price $49.95.

In Australia the Beautiful Land, the talents of the author and leading photographers are combined to produce a magnificent celebration of this country, its landscapes and people, cities and towns, flora and fauna.

It has been said that Australia is the oldest continent on earth. Certainly the remnants of the great mountain ranges of Central Australia and the vast, flat land which cover more than two thirds of the country bear witness to an ancient land worn down by the unrelenting erosive action of the wind, sun and water. As though in compensation, however, these changes have produced some of the most spectacular landscapes and natural wonders to be found anywhere in the world. The great variety of landforms and the range of weather conditions - from the steamy, subtropical north to the dry deserts of the centre and the cold, wet intimacy of Tasmania - have produced their own bounty, and a breathtaking diversity of flora and fauna.

It seems a though each new discovery pushes back the history of humanity on this great island continent. Presently it is estimated that the first Aborigines arrived on Australia's northern shores some 55,000 years ago. Over the next 30,000 years they slowly settled the entire continent. They were to remain untouched and unchallenged by outside forces until the eighteenth century when, after a series of explorations around the coasts of Australia, Europeans settled around Sydney and then, during a period of rapid expansion, throughout the country. Today Australia is a rich and diverse mixture of cultures. Located on the southern edge of Asia, it is a place of great energy and carries an enduring promise of prosperity for all.

All Australians who have explored this remarkable continent agree that their country is one of the wonders of the world. They are in awe of the beauty of its cities, the richness of its agricultural lands and its mineral deposits, as well as the uniqueness of its flora and fauna.

Australia the Beautiful Land was written by Bruce Elder who has traveled to nearly every town in Australia and has an extensive data base of information on the country. He is the author of over 50 books, many of which focus on the history and travel potential of Australia. Currently a senior music critic with the Sydney Morning Herald and the Australian editor of Trivial Pursuit, he is also a regular guest on ABC radio.

Australia the Beautiful Land is lavishly illustrated with beautiful photographs, supplied by some of the top photographers in Australia. Hard cover oversized, 168 pages. Published 1998.


Australia, National Geographic Traveler by Roff Martin Smith. Published by National Geographic. ISBN 0792274318 Recommended retail price $27.95.

"A winning formula of in-depth reporting and breathtaking photography." -Atlanta Journal-Constitution
"Rich with photography, maps and historical context." -Los Angeles Times
"Quality is the watchword." -Newsday
"Delightfully sumptuous." -The Observer (London)

This magnificent travel guide includes:

¨ In-depth site descriptions and background infomration
¨ Insightful features on history, culture, and contemporary life
¨ More than 250 vivid color photographs
¨ 29 detailed, full-color maps
¨ Mapped walking and driving tours
¨ Specially commissioned artwork and floor plans
¨ Clear; easy-to-use design
¨ Complete visitor infomration plus hotels, restaurants, activities and shopping

Soft cover, 400 pages. Published in 2001.


Australia, The Nelles Guide to by Peter Hinze et al. Published by Nelles Guide. ISBN 3-88618-216-9. Recommended retail price $15.95, our price $15.00.

An alternative to the ubiquitous Lonely Planet Guides but obviously not as comprehensive. But 133 color photos and 25 color maps add to this guide book's appeal.

History and Culture: The Aborigines were in Australia 40,000 years ago. But white settlers didn't appear "down under" until 1788. Adventurers and gold prospectors soon followed, until the start of the 20th century, pushing the native inhabitants further into the background. It is only today that the Aborigines are rediscovering their identity and culture with a new sense of self-assurance.

Travel Destinations: The Nelles Guide Australia reflects not only the diversity of landscape but also the country's major attractions: the isolation of the Outback, Aborigines in the Northern Territory, Queensland's rain forests, the islands of the Great Barrier Reef, treks through Tasmania and the greatest National Parks. Not to mention Sydney, Melbourne and the other important cities.

Features: Information on the topics which exercise the Aussies: life on the farm has long lost its romantic charm - farmers today are struggling just to survive. The press is concentrated in a few hands. The old rivalry between Sydney and Melbourne breaks out sporadically. It is only when dealing with sports and betting that most Aussies forget their problems for a moment.

Travel Information: The guideposts at the end of each chapter provide information on accommodation, restaurants, trips to sights and curiosities off the "official" tracks, opening hours of the museums and local information offices and the dates of events not to be missed. The travel information at the end of the book provides the necessary information for your trip to and through Australia. Soft cover, 256 pages. Published in 2001.


Australia: The Rough Guide by Margo Daly et al. ISBN 1-85828-461-9. Published by Rough Guides. Recommended retail price $21.95.

New to Pacific Island Books, The Rough Guides look like a superb series. Think of Lonely Planet Guide and then some. But it isn't all "money for nothing". Australia: The Rough Guide contains only six pages of color photos. But never mind the quality "feel the width".

As the Courier Mail in Brisbane said "The perfect companion, its all there".

The Rough Guide to Australia is the definitive handbook to the continent. Features include:

¨ Lively coverage of every region, from Sydney and Melbourne to the tropical forests of Queensland and the untamed Outback
¨ Up-to-date reviews of thousands of places to stay, eat and drink, in every region and price range
¨ Practical details on bushwalking in Tasmania, surfing on Bondi Beach (I think this means at Bondi Beach), diving at the Barrier Reef, off-road driving and even skiing in the Snowy Mountains
¨ Entertaining background on everything from Australian cinema to Aboriginal culture

Soft cover, 1046 pages!!!. Published in August 1999.


Australia, Visions of a Continent photographs by Shaen Adey. Published by New Holland Publishers. ISBN 1864363711. Recommended retail price $24.95.

Australia - a land of scenic splendor, vibrant cities and ancient mystery - beckons the international visitor with a myriad of attractions.

The long and varied coastline boasts wide, unspoilt beaches, tortured cliff and rock formations, primeval rainforest that is home to numerous indigenous flora and fauna species, and bustling vibrant cities, Sydney, site of the internationally recognized Opera House and Harbour Bridge, is host to the 2000 Olympics. Melbourne and Adelaide are the cultural centers of Australia,: Canberra is its purpose-built capital while Perth, Brisbane and Darwin are gateways to several of the continent's natural wonders.

Inland, the arid center of Australia beckons adventures with its harsh untamed landscape and vast empty expanses. The red desert sands, the dusty stretches of road, and the peculiarly adapted wildlife of the interior provide a striking contrast to the wetlands of Kakadu which teem with wildlife - a watery haven in an often unforgiving land.

Australia - Visions of a Continent captures the many facets of this intriguing country in over 120 superb photographs, providing visitors with a lasting memory of this "great southern land." Hard cover, 128 Pages. Published in 1998.


The Australian Bed & Breakfast Book by Moonshine Press. Recommended retail price $15.95, our price $15.

This is the ultimate bed and breakfast guide to Australia. It lists approximately 900 Homestays, Farm Cottages and Bed and Breakfast Inns from all around Australia. Plan your vacation in detail before going down under. Phone, numbers, faxes, e-mail addresses are all here. Here’s a sentence taken at random that had me salivating.

“Breakfast on home grown tropical fruits on verandah amongst native birds and wallabies, short distance from Kuranda where they have the Markets, Aboriginal Dancing, Butterfly Sanctuary, restaurants and Skyrail Cableway, short drive to waterfall circuit and volcanic crater lakes”. Soft cover, 432 pages.


Australian Outback, Edited by Scott Forbes and John Gattuso. Published by Insight Guides. ISBN 1-563319322. Recommended retail price $19.95.

From the arid bush of the Australian interior to the lush rain forests of Queensland and the vibrant sea life of the Great Barrier Reef, Australian Outback is your guide for exploring the varied scenery and exotic wildlife of one of the world's most intriguing destinations.

Informative essays describe the fascinating history, spectacular terrain, and extraordinary wildlife of each of the country's diverse natural areas.

Wildife viewing tips tell you where, when, and how you can best see the continent's famous mammals, marsupials, reptiles, marine life, and birds.

More than 250 full-color images including specially commissioned maps, help you to bring your vacation plans into the sharpest focus.

Travel tips help you plan a truly unforgettable vacation with information sources, lodgings, and tours. Soft cover, 224 pages. Published in 2000.


Australian Phrasebook: Understanding Aussies and their Culture by Denise Angelo et al. Recommended retail price $5.95, our price $5.50.

Ostensibly Australian English is much the same as British English or American English. But the Aussies are far too innovative and original to stick with the paltry vocabulary with which they were provided and have added many choice (and sometimes quite ripe) expressions to their unique vocabulary. They also have the endearing habitat of abbreviating common words and adding “ie” on the end … so a swimming costume becomes a “cozzie” while relatives become “rellies” and so on. If you vomit you “ralph” (which is considered onomatopoeic by Australians) or perhaps “chunder”. Chickens are “chooks” and women are often “sheilas”. If you head down to Australia you will definitely need help in translation and this handy little guide will provide it. Soft cover, 254 pages.

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