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Australia Travel Page 4


Outback Australia by Denis O’Byrne, Ron & Viv Moon, Hugh Finlay and Jeff Williams. Published by Lonely Planet Publications. Recommended retail price $21.95, our price $20.

Australia is a huge country, bigger than the continental United States. It is also very old and nowhere is this more apparent than in the outback. Much more than a steakhouse, the outback is almost mystical with its endless vistas, blistering hot days and cool clear nights. Any visit to Australia would be incomplete without a week or so in the outback. This massive Lonely Planet Guide writes authoritatively about its subject. Added bonuses are color sections on Ecosystems and Aboriginal Art. Highly recommended. Soft cover, 527 pages.


Outback Australia by Shaen Adey and Jane Burton Taylor. Published by New Holland Publishers. ISBN 1864363231. Recommended retail price $49.95.

For many, Australia conjures up images of vast open spaces, huge cattle stations and colorful outback characters such as those portrayed in classic Australian movies like The Sundowners, A Town like Alice, and Crocodile Dundee. Australia's outback has long captured the imagination of Australians and international visitors alike. Despite the fact that less than 20% of the country's population actually lives outside the south-east coastal fringe, the outback epitomizes the Australian character and the ethos of mateship that pervades our psyche.

Outback Australia evokes the very essence of the outback through stunning photography and informative text. It presents a spectacular portrait of the outback - the wide open spaces, the amazing palette of landscape colors the curious flora and fauna and the unique lifestyle of outback communities.

In an insightful introduction Jane Burton-Taylor provides readers with fascinating images of the outback, its original inhabitants, early explorers, climatic variations and unique features. Outback Australia is organized regionally - exploring in turn the East over the Great Divide; the South, including the Flinders Ranges and the Nullarbor; the remote reaches of the Corner Country; the tropical outback of the North and Cape York, the Centre - Australia's heartland; and the West, including the Pilbara and the Kimberley.

Each chapter features superb photography accompanied by informative extended captions and special interest boxes providing information about such diverse topics as mining communities in the outback; the School of the Air, camels, once known as the 'ships of the desert', the early explorers and desert flora. Hard cover oversized, 112 pages. Published in 1998.


Out to Eat: Melbourne 2002 published by Lonely Planet Publications. ISBN 1-74059-312-X. Recommended retail price $14.99.

A superb guide to over 400 of Melbourne's best eating and drinking establishments written by a team of experts. It also includes 23 maps to help you find your way around. If you plan a trip to Melbourne any time soon then this book is a must buy item. Soft cover, 296 pages. Published in 2002.


Perth and Fremantle, Guide to by Liz Glass and Sue Scott. Published by New Holland Publishers. ISBN 186436537-4. Recommended retail price $18.95.

The Guide to Perth and Fremantle is the definitive handbook to the beautiful sights of Perth and its superb surroundings. Extending from sunny Perth, the capital of Western Australia, to the old port of Fremantle, scenic Swan Valley, secluded Rottnest Island and the Sunset Coast, this guide is filled with local knowledge and valuable advice on the best:

· beaches and waterways for swimming and watersports;
· restaurants and cafes serving Australian and international cuisine;
· museums and galleries exhibiting Australian art and history;
· popular shopping arcades and lively markets;
· wineries and breweries offering award-winning wines and beers;
· wildlife parks and gardens displaying Australia's flora and fauna;
· preserved colonial buildings and old churches; and
· tours exploring the region's bushland and coastal plains

Acting as a personal guide, this book lists a wide range of accommodation and local services, as well as information on transport, cultural events and sporting activities. A collection of detailed maps enable locals or visitors to freely plan their own itinerary and see the best sights in this unforgettable part of Western Australia. Soft cover, 164 pages, published in 1999.


Queensland by Joseph Bidloss, Kate Daly, Matthew Lane and Sarah Mathers. Published by Lonely Planet Publications. ISBN 0864427123. Recommended retail price $19.95.

Queensland is a huge state which encompasses sub-tropical and tropical regions. It also hosts Australia’s only real tropical rainforest, the Great Barrier Reef and some real outback. Aussies in general are larger than life and the banana benders (Queenslanders) tend to be even more Crocodile Dundee-like. But Queensland also has real high brow culture in Brisbane and elsewhere. This Lonely Planet Guide will put you firmly on track for everything Queensland has to offer. Soft cover, 516 pages.


Secret Sydney by James Cockington. Published by New Holland Publishers. ISBN 1864363177. Recommended retail price $18.95.

Secret Sydney is the essential companion for all those wanting to discover the hidden heart of one of the world's great cities. Suitable for locals and visitors alike, the book outlines many of Sydney's unique and surprising alternative sights.

A series of entertaining walks, each accompanied by a detailed map, takes the reader on a journey through some of Sydney's most fascinating suburbs. This is followed by sections on Sacred Sites and Hidden Treasures which reveal oddities that will intrigue and delight. Discover for yourself:

James Cockington was born in Adelaide, South Australia, but came to Sydney in 1986 for a month's holiday. He has been here ever since. Apart from writing books, he contributes a weekly column on Sydney life to the Sydney Morning Herald. Soft cover, 166 pages. Published in 1999.


See Melbourne By Tram by de Lacy Lowe. Published by New Holland Publishers. ISBN 1864366206. Recommended retail price $15.95.

Melbourne is an exciting, cosmopolitan city with a wealth of history, art and culture to experience. Melbourne's trams belong to one of the most extensive networks in the world and, as well as giving the city a distinctive character, offer an inexpensive, fun way of exploring the city and its environs. See Melbourne By Tram is the ideal guide for visitors and locals alike, offering:

De Lacy Lowe has enjoyed a varied career, overseas and in Australia. She served with the Red Cross during the war, three years of which were with the Plastic Surgery Unit of the Heidelberg Military Hospital, and has worked as a teacher, travel agent and volunteer newsreader for Radio 3RPH. De Lacy has dabbled in photography and written, and co-written, books about Melbourne and the Kimberley region. She often gives 'armchair' travel talks to community groups and works at St. Patrick's Cathedral as a volunteer guide. In 1992 she inaugurated a 'Ramblers' group through the Lyceum Club, which tours places of historic, environmental and cultural interest. De Lacy lives in East Melbourne. Soft cover, 224 pages. Published in 2001.


South Australia by Denis O’Byrne. Recommended retail price $16.95, our price $16.

If I had to choose my favorite part of Australia, South Australia would come close. Blessed with a superb climate, some of the world’s best vineyards and fascinating flora and fauna, this State is well worth a visit. This Lonely Planet guide tells it like it is with the usual in-depth, accurate coverage of places to stay, places to visit and things to do. Soft cover, 343 pages.


Sydney by Meg Mundell. Published by Lonely Planet Publications. Recommended retail price $15.95, our price $15.

Sydney considers itself the queen of Australia’s cities but inhabitants of Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne and Brisbane have a different view. Nonetheless Sydney is where things are happening at the end of the true Millennium when the Olympic Games start. This Lonely Planet Guide contains 17 full-color maps and also includes advice on day trips from the city. Sydney is unusual in that it possesses two international icons, the Sydney harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House. This guide tells you how to visit both. Soft cover, 216 pages.


National Geographic Traveler Sydney by Evan McHugh. Published by National Geographic. ISBN 0792274350. Recommended retail price $22.95.

Take a tour of Sydney guided by National Geographic - for generations synonymous with the thrill of discovery and exploration. Featured sites include both famous and lesser known places, selected to help you experience the city in a fresh and exciting way. This book includes the following:

Soft cover, 271 pages. Published in 2001.


Sydney, City of Sails; photographs by Shaen Adey. Published by New Holland Publishers. ISBN 1864363754. Recommended retail price $24.95.

The capital of New South Wales and host of the 2000 Olympics, Sydney is Australia's largest, most vibrant and thriving city. Home to almost four million people, its rich blend of cultures, combined with a sunny climate and casual yet exciting lifestyle, form a large part of the city's appeal.

With such world-famous icons as the Opera House and Harbour Bridge, and one of the most beautiful harbors in the world, Sydney's attractions don't end on the doorstep of a wealth of gorgeous white beaches, shopping possibilities, restaurants and exciting nightlife.

Just outside Sydney visitors can explore the majestic Blue Mountains, or the charming beauty of the Southern Highlands, the beaches of the Central Coast or the wine-producing Hunter Valley, and its many national parks.

Sydney - City of Sails is a visual celebration of this colorful city with over 130 full-color photographs and breath-taking panoramas that capture the essence of Sydney. Hard cover, 128 pages. Published in 1998.


Sydney, Insight Compact Guide by Leslie Thelander. Published by Insight Guides. ISBN 0-88729-336-0. Recommended retail price $7.95.

Compact Guide: Sydney is the ideal quick reference guide to Australia's pre-eminent city. it tells you all you need to know about Sydney's attractions, from the Opera House to the Harbour Bridge and from the Botanic Gardens to Bondi Beach.

Soft cover, 80 pages. Published in 1997.

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