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Sydney From the Rocks by Joan Lawrence. Published by Hale and Iremonger. Recommended retail price $7.

The sailors declared you could smell The Rocks a mile out to sea and hear it two miles at sea. It was at The Rocks that Sydney was born when the voyagers of the First Fleet tumbled ashore at Sydney Cover. Its narrow streets and alleyways have known the tramp of convict feet, have seen both wealth and poverty.

Joan Lawrence and Maureen Fry conduct five leisurely walks in this companion volume to Sydney from Circular Quay and cover the western sector of Sydney from The Rocks to Macquarie Place, Hyde Park, and Chinatown. Their walks tell the history if the people and buildings of Australia’s oldest city.

Accompanying each are historical illustrations and easy-to-follow maps. A glossary, time line, index, and suggestions for further reading add to Sydney from the Rocks’ interest and usefulness.

Visitors and Sydneysiders alike will delight in these engaging walks and this entertaining guide to Sydney’s history and charms. Soft cover, 144 pages.


Sydney Harbour: A Guide From North Head to South Head by Clem and Therese Gorman. Published by New Holland Publishers. ISBN 186436429-7. Recommended retail price $18.95.

Sydney Harbour: A Guide From North Head to South Head offers place-by-place listings to help you plan your day out on the harbour with advice on where to go, how to get there, and what to do once you arrive.

This essential guide to enjoying the best of the harbour features:

· Places listed in geographical sequence, from North Head, following all around the foreshores to South Head
· At-a-glance information on harbourside walks, restaurants, boating facilities, public transport, hideaways, beaches, barbecue areas, swimming pools and much more.
· Over 30 top harbour spots.

Sydney's harbour is truly amongst the world's best with water clean enough to swim in. This book is your ideal companion for a trip to Sydney. Soft cover, 182 pages, published in 1999.


Sydney, Insight Guide. Published by Insight Guides. ISBN 0-88729-066-3. Recommended retail price $21.95.

Insight Guide: Sydney provides everything you'll ever need in a single guidebook. It is an inspiring background read, an invaluable on-the-spot companion and a superb souvenir of your visit.

Included are detailed, cross-referenced maps with all sites clearly highlighted and numbered in relation to the text. Full listings of travel details, restaurants and phone numbers make it easy to get around. Soft cover, 294 pages. Published in 1999.


Sydney: Insight Map. Published by Insight Guides. ISBN 0-8416-2067-9. Recommended retail price $7.95.

Insight Fleximaps are produced by state-of-the-art computer technology. The maps highlight major tourist sites and contain motoring information plus a full index.

Informative and easy-to-use with additional text and photographs covering the 10 top essential sights, plus useful addresses, facts about the destination and tips on getting around.

Laminated finish allows you to mark your route using non-permanent marker pen, and wipe it off afterwards. It also ensures that Fleximaps last longer and are easier to fold than conventional maps.


Sydney, Let's Go Map Guide. Published by St Martin's Press. ISBN 0-312-24639. Recommended retail price $8.95.

This Let's Go Map Guide has a different approach from most of the other maps. The map sections are fold out front and back covers. Sandwiched between are 52 pages of information about the places in the map. It's an unusual and practical approach.


Sydney, Insight Pocket Guides by John Borthwick and David McGonigal. Published by Insight Guides. ISBN 0-88729-450-2. Recommended retail price $12.95.

This Insight Pocket Guide includes a pullout map of Sydney. It is the guide that answers the questions you'd ask a friend who lived in Sydney. Which places are really worth seeing? What excursions shouldn't be missed? Where are the great places tourists haven't yet discovered? Written by two local hosts, who have lived in Sydney for many years, it is based on intimate knowledge of the city. Everything you need is in this pocket guide.

¨ History and Culture
¨ Tailor-made itineraries
¨ Selected Excursions
¨ Shopping, eating out and nightlife
¨ Essential practical information
¨ Detailed pull-out map

Soft cover, 104 pages. Published in 2000.


Sydney, The Pocket Guidebook to. Published by Little Hills Press. ISBN 1-86315-82-X. Recommended retail price $X

As the name suggests, a pocket guide. This highly useful little book provides good information on:

¨ Where to Stay
¨ What to Take
¨ How to Get Around
¨ Where to Dine
¨ Where to Play
¨ What to See

Maps are included to aid in orientation and all sight-seeing attractions are laid out on logical touring order. Soft cover, 127 pages. Published in 1998.


Tasmania by Lyn McGaurr. Published by Lonely Planet Publications. Recommended retail price $16.95, our price $16.

Tasmania, Australia’s smallest state, is arguably the most scenic. It has mountains, high rainfall, rivers, lakes and a good dollop of history. This Lonely Planet guide has 51 maps which include walking tracks in national parks. For once there is a reasonable section of flora and fauna, which, as far as I can see, is accurate. Typically, the book is a mine of information about Tasmania and with this volume in hand any traveler can expect to get the most out of his or her visit. Soft cover, 335 pages.


Tasmania Handy Map. Recommended retail price $5.50

This 1:650,000 scale full color map shows the whole of Tasmania on one side and the towns of Hobart, Launceston and their environs on the other. Free postage.


Sydney, This is by Wendy Moore. Published by New Holland Publishers. ISBN 1864366397. Recommended retail price $24.95.

From a height of some 8 kilometres (5 miles), the passengers aboard a jumbo jet flying through a cloudless ultramarine sky look down over a vast striated plain, the ochre-colored landscape that comprises the greater part of Australia. Hours later, the first road, like a line drawn with a ruler, appears, then sporadic homesteads are glimpsed, their postage-stamp tin roofs glinting in the sun and looking far too small to be the hub of cattle stations larger than some European countries. Later, the farms shrink, the rolling plains grow greener, and the plane begins to descent over the box canyons of the bush-cloaked Blue Mountains. Grids of suburbia finally appear Red-roofed houses swathe the plains below and cluster more densely until, like the finale of a stage show, Sydney Harbour is revealed. The city sparkles in the sunshine by the jewel-like waterway, aptly dubbed 'the finest harbour in the world' by Sydney's founding father, Captain Arthur Phillip.

Australia's firstborn city is still the most magnificent. Sydney is the New York of Australia. It is bigger, taller, brasher, livelier, and when the sun is shining, it is breathtakingly beautiful. Soft cover, 160 pages. Published in 2000.


Walking Sydney: Over 20 Original Walks In and Around Sydney by Jeff Toghill. Published by New Holland Publishers .ISBN 1864365102. Recommended retail price $16.95.

The essential companion for the urban explorer - visitor or local - Walking Sydney reveals the historic past and modern verve of this sparkling harbour city. Walking Sydney features:

¨ 23 original walks exploring diverse settings, famous sites and fascinating places off the tourist track
¨ easy-to-follow maps detailing each walk route
¨ essential information on transport, opening times and walk lengths
¨ the author's local insights and suggestions for refreshment stops
¨ access notes for wheelchairs and less mobile walkers

A personal guide to the most unique, interesting and picturesque places in this great walking city, Walking Sydney caters for walkers of all ages and interests. From the ocean at Bondi to the strobe-lit streets of Kings Cross, the bushland of the North Shore and the historic Rocks. It explores the most famous sights and some forgotten backwaters of this fabulous city.

Sydneysider Jeff Toghill is the author of over 60 books and writes extensively for magazines, television and radio. For over 30 years he has explored the city bush and coast of Sydney on foot. As a yachtmaster and marine consultant he has a life-long passion for this unique city and its harbor. Soft cover, 299 pages. Published in 2000.


Western Australia by Jeff Williams. Published by Lonely Planet Publications. Recommended retail price $14.95, our price $14.

Western Australia is an amazing place. I’ve been lucky enough to see the Monkey Mia dolphins, the Nambung Pinnacles and the Bungle Bungles amongst other extraordinary places. B(ut life would have been much easier if this book had been in my possession. This Lonely Planet guide gives you “the good oil” on where, when and how to visit this, the largest of Australia’s states. The desert wildflowers, one of the state’s natural wonders are included and warrant a highly useful color section on their own. There is the usual collection of maps and notes on such exotica as 4WD excursions. Highly recommended. Soft cover, 345 pages.

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