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Table of Contents from Nearshore Marine Resources of the South Pacific.

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1. Introduction by Andrew Wright.

2. Appraisal, Assessment and Monitoring of Small-scale Coastal Fisheries in the South Pacific by John Munro and Semisi Fakahau.

3. Management of Coastal Fishery Resources by John Munro and Semisi Fakahau.

4. Deepwater Demersal Fish by Robert Moffit.

5. Small Pelagic Fishes by Paul Dalzell.

6. Marine Aquarium Fish by Richard Pyle.

7. Flyingfish by Robert Gillett and James Ianelli.

8. Shallow Water Reef-associated Finfish by Andrew Wright.

9. Sharks by Paul Nichols.

10.Marine Turtles by Harold Frith.

11. Beche-de-Mer by Garry Preston.

12. Pearl Oysters by Neil Sims.

13. Giant Clams by John Munro.

14.Trochus by Warwick Nash.

15. Green Snail by Masashi Yamaguchi.

16. Deepwater Shrimp by Michael King.

17. Spiny Lobster by Roland Pitcher.

18. Mangrove Crabs by Ian Brown.

19. Coconut Crabs by Warwick Fletcher.

20. Seaweeds by Robin South.

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