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Pacific Art Niu Sila edited by Sean Mallon and Pandora Fulimalo Pereira

Pacific Courts and Legal Systems edited by Guy Powles and Mere Pulea

Pacific Diaspora: Island Peoples in the United States and Across the Pacific ed. by Paul Spickard; Joanne Rondilla; Debbie Hippolite Wright

Pacific Islands, The - an encyclopedia Edited by B. Lal and K. Fortune

Pacific Islands, Atlas of the by Max Quanchi

Pacific Islands, The 3rd ed. by Douglas L. Oliver

Pacific Islands,The : Environment & Society edited by Moshe Rapaport

Pacific Islands and the Sea, The edited by Fran Dieudonne

Pacific Islands and the USA, The by Ron Crocombe

Pacific Islands Landscapes by Patrick D. Nunn

Pacific Languages in Education edited by France Mugler & Jon Lynch

Pacific Ocean. Map

Pacific Profiles: Personal Experiences of 100 South Pacific Islanders edited by Robert A. C. Stewart

Pacific Tapa by Roger Neich; Mick Pendergrast with photos by Krzysztof Pfeiffer

Pacific Women: Roles and Status of women in Pacific Societies edited by Taiamoni Tongamoa

Pa Maori, The by Elsdon Best

Pan American's Pacific Pioneers: The Rest of the Story, a Pictorial History of Pan Am's Pacific First Flights 1935-1946 by Jon E. Krupnick

Papa Mike's Palau Handbook by Mike Hollywood

Papua New Guinea by Adrian Lipscomb, Rowan McKinnon and Jon Murray

Papua New Guinea. Map

Papua New Guinea Yearbook 2003, edited by Brian Gomez

Parenting Girls by Dr. Janet Irwin, Susanna de Vries and Susan Stratigos Wilson

Parenting; What we need to know to make a difference by Terry E. Lawson

Parrot Parfait by Sue Emms

Parrots: A Guide to the Parrots of the World by Tony Juniper and Mike Parr

Passage of the Frog and the Wild Strawberries of 1942, The by Beniamino Petrosino

Passionate Pen, The:, New Zealand's Romance Writers talk to Rachel McAlpine by Rachel McAlpine

Penny Gulliver’s Self-Defence Handbook for Women by Penny Gulliver

Pentecost: An Island in Vanuatu by Genevieve Mescam with photographs by Denis Coulombier

People of The Land – A Pacific Philosophy by John Patterson

Perth and Fremantle, Guide to by Liz Glass and Sue Scott

Peter Fraser: Master Politician edited by Margaret Clark

Photographic Guide, A to the Birds of Hawaii: The Main Islands and Offshore Waters by Jim Denny

Photography of the Age: Newspaper photography in Australia by Kathleen Whelan

Pick of the Bunch: New Zealand Wildflowers by Peter Johnson

Pidgin Phrasebook: Pidgin Languages of Oceania by Trevor Balzer et al

Pinnacles by Makerita Va'ai

Place to Stay, A : Hotels of New Zealand photography by Grant Sheehan, text by Shelley-Maree Casidy

Planet Pengin: A (mostly) black and white book by Grant Sheehan

Plantation to Politics; Studies on Fiji Indians by Ahmed Ali

Plants and Flowers of Hawai'i by S. H. Sohmer and R. Gustafson

Plants For Free! A New Zealand Guide to Plant Propagation by Andrew Maloy

Plants in Samoan Culture: The Ethnobotany of Samoa by Art Whistler

Playing God by Glenn Colquhoun

Ples Blong Iumi: Solomon Islands, the past four thousand years by Sam Alasia and others, edited by Hugh Laracy

Plight of the Penguin,The by Lloyd Spencer Davis

Poemes du Pacifique au Feminin by Afu Billy & 15 others

Plumber’s Progress, A : Pilgrimage to the Heart of Tibet by W. J. O’Connell

Poetes du Pacifique en Colere by Konai Helu Thaman & 26 others

Pohutukawa & Rata: New Zealand's Iron-hearted Trees by Philip Simpson

Policies and Perceptions of France in the South Pacific: New Caledonia and Vanuatu by Peter Myriam Dornoy-Vurobaravu

Political Correctness and the Theoretical Struggle by Frank Ellis

Polynesian Missions in Melanesia: From Samoa, Cook Islands and Tonga to Papua New Guinea and New Caledonia by Marjorie Tuainekore Crocombe and others

Possums of the World: A Monograph of the Phalangeroidea by Timothy Flannery and illustrated by Peter Schouten

Pouliuli by Albert Wendt

Praying Parents by Jully Sipolo

Prices of Thames by Bob Stott

Princeton Guide to the Birds of Australia,The Edited by Ken Simpson and illustrated by Nicolas Day

Professional Practice of Teaching, The (2nd edition) edited by Clive McGee and Deborah Fraser

Prophets of Melanesia edited by Garry Trompf

Protest and Dissent in the Colonial Pacific by Peter Hempenstall and Noel Rutherford

Puriri, Te by Merito Tawhara and Nikki Slade Robinson

Puriri Tree, The
(a children’s story) by Merito Tawhara and Nikki Slade Robinson

Pythons of Australia: A Natural History by Geordie Torr, illustrations by Eleanor Torr

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