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Princeton University Press

Birds of Australia,The Princeton Guide to the. Edited by Ken Simpson and illustrated by Nicolas Day

Birds of Hawai'i and the Tropical Pacific: A Field Guide to by H. Douglas Pratt, Philip L. Bruner, and Delwyn G. Berret. Illustrated by H. Douglas Pratt

Birds of New Guinea by Bruce Beehler, Thane Pratt, and Dale Zimmerman. Illustrations by Dale Zimmerman and James Coe

Birds of the Galápagos Islands, A Guide to the
by Isabel Castro and Antonia Phillips

Boas and Pythons of the World by Mark O'Shea

The Complete Guide to Antarctic Wildlife: Birds and Marine Mammals of the Antarctic Continent and the Southern Ocean by Hadoram Shirihai Illustrated by Brett Jarrett

Coral Reef Fishes: Caribbean, Indian Ocean, and Pacific Ocean Including the Red Sea
by Ewald Lieske and Robert Myers

Ecology and Evolution of Darwin’s Finches
by Peter Grant

Field Guide to the Birds of Australia, A
by Graham Pizzey, illustrated by Roy Doyle

Flowering of Gondwana, The: The Million Year Story of Australia's Plants by Mary White

Seabirds of the World: A Photographic Guide by Peter Harrison

Sharks of the World by Leonard Compagno, Marc Dando, and Sarah Fowler

Venomous Snakes of the World by Mark O'Shea

Whales, Dolphins and Other Marine Mammals of the World by Hadoram Shirihai & Brett Jarrett

Where to watch birds in Australasia and Oceania by Nigel Wheatley

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