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Tagi Tote E Loto Haaku - My Heart is Crying a Little by Margaret Pointer and Kalaisi Folau

Tahiti and French Polynesia by Tony Wheeler and Jean-Bernard Carillet

Tahiti Handbook: Including Easter Island and the Cooks by David Stanley

Tahiti: The other side edited by Ron Crocombe and Pat Hereniko

Taku Akatauira/ My Dawning Star by Kauraka Kauraka

Taiawhio; Conversations with Contemporary Maori Artists edited by Huhana Smith

Tala O Niuoku, Te: the German Plantation on Nukulaelae Atoll 1865-1890 by Suamalie N.T. Iosefa, Doug Munro, Niko Besnier

Talent For Flight, A by Glenda Fawkes

Tales of a Lonely Island by Mesulama Titifanua and C. Maxwell Churchward

Tales Of Manihiki collected by K. Kauraka

Tales of the Tikongs by Epeli Hau'ofa

Talking Solutions: Problem Solving in Learning English as a Second Language by John Shere and Sue Casey

Tall Spars, Steamers & Gum: A History of the Kaipara From Early European Settlement 1854-1947 by Wayne Ryburn

Tamaitai Samoa: Their Stories by Peggy Fairbairn-Dunlop

Tambu Ground, The by Barry Hayes

Taming the Taniwha by Tim Tipene and illustrated by Henry Campbell

Tangata O Te Moana Nui: The Evolving Identities of Pacific Peoples in Aotearoa/New Zealand edited by Cluny Macpherson, Paul Spoonley, Melani Anae

Taniwha, He (A Monster) by Manu te Awa illustrated by Mike Henry

Taonga Maori: A Spiritual Journey Expressed Through Maori Art

Taonga Maori: Icons from Te Papa

Tapa in Tonga by Wendy Arbeit

Tasmania by Lyn McGaurr

Tasmania Handy Map

Tasmanian Birds, Field Guide to by Dave Watts

Tasman’s Lay by Peter Hawes

Tatau (Tattoo) by Jean Tekura Mason

Tattooed Land, The by Barry Brailsford

Taur by Jack Lasenby

Tears in a Treasure Box by Eleni McDermott

Teeth by Frank Pervan

Tekiteora, Kei Hea o Hu? by Ngareta Gabel illustrated by Astrid Jensen

Tensions: 1. In-Between by Julian Treadaway

Tensions: 2. Whose Land? by Julian Treadaway

Tensions: 3. Unwanted by Julian Treadaway

Tensions: 4. Trees by Julian Treadaway

Tensions: 5. Healthy or Wealthy by Julian Treadaway

Tensions: 6. Helen by Julian Treadaway

Te Rii ni Banaba, by Raobeia Ken Sigrah and Stacey M. King

Terre Napoleon by Susan Hunt and Paul Carter

Te Tikisionale O Te 'Gana Tuvalu, A Tuvaluan-English Dictionary by Geoffrey W. Jackson

TetraMap: How to develop people and business the way nature intended by Yoshimi and Jon Brett

They Came For Sandalwood by Marjorie Crocombe

They Who Do Not Grieve by Sia Figiel

Thinking Stories 1 by Philip Cam

Thinking Stories 1: A Teacher's Resource Book by Philip Cam

Thinking Stories 2 by Philip Cam

Thinking Stories 2: Teacher Resource Book by Philip Cam

Thinking Stories 3 by Philip Cam

Thinking Stories 3: Teacher Resource Book by Philip Cam

Thinking together by Philip Cam

This is Guadalcanal: The original combat photography by L. Douglas Keeney and William S. Butler

Three’s a Crowd by Penny Huber

Throwim Way Leg: Tree-Kangaroos, Possums and Penis Gourds, On the Track of Unknown Mammals in Wildest New Guinea by Tim Flannery

Tiger Moths & Butterflies: With the Airforce in War and Peace by Peter Norman

Time and Tide: The Islands of Tuvalu by Peter Bennetts and Tony Wheeler

Timo and the Kingfish by Mokena Potae Reedy and Elton Gregory

Timo te Kaihi Ika by Mokena Potae Reedy and Elton Gregory

Toast to Martinborough and the Wairarapa, A: Stories from the Vineyards by Dave Cull

To a Young Artist in Contemplation by Sia Figiel

To Each His Own by Philip Temple

Tokyo Calling: the Charles Cousens Case by Ivan Chapman

To Live Among The Stars: Christian Origins in Oceania by John Garrett

Tomorrow’s Empire by Sandra Arnold

Tonga by Nancy Keller and Deanna Swaney

Tonga~Samoa Handbook by David Stanley

Top Hat and Taiaha and Other Stories by Lindsay Charman-Love

Top Walking Tracks of the Wellington Region by Geoffrey Churchman

Toroa: The Royal Albatross by Te Aorere Riddell

Toss Woollaston: A Life in Letters by Jill Trevelyan

Total Success in Sales and Personal Life by Winston Saga

To the Land of Light: A Saga of Kupe and Ngahue by Jean Irvine

Touch of Sleeve, A by Susan Bell

Tovata I & II by A. C. Reid

Tracing & Writing a Family Story by Janet Reakes & Greg Whiddon

Traditional Handicrafts of Fiji by Merieisi Sekinabou Tabualevu, Josefa Uluinaceva and Sereima Raimua

Traditional Pottery of Papua New Guinea, The by Patricia May and Margaret Tuckson

Traditional Sailing Canoes in Lau by Robert Gillett, James Ianelli, Tevita Waqavakatoqa and Matai Qica

Traincatcher: Adventures of a rail traveller by Colin Taylor

Tramping in New Zealand by Jim DuFresne

Treasure Islands: A Robert Louis Stevenson Centenary Anthology compiled and edited by Jenni Calder

Treasures From the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa

Treaty Issues by Walter Christie

Triumph Over Arthritis: A comprehensive and up-to-date guide to the help available by Anna Scott

Tropical Food Gardens: a guide to growing fruit, herbs and vegetables in tropical and sub-tropical climates by Leonie Norrington

Troubled Times: Academic Freedom in New Zealand edited by Rob Crozier

Truffle Book, The by Gareth Renowden

Truth at Last about the Little Red Hen story, The by Hugh Price, pictures by Isabel Lowe

Tuvalu: A History by Simati Faaniu et al, edited by Hugh Laracy

Twilight of Power by James Catterick

Quibbler, Puzzler, Cheat: Ten Tall Teasing Tales by Philip Cam

Two Plays by Vilsoni Hereniko

Tyler's Gold by Andrew Grant. Published by Shoal Bay Press

Typee by Herman Melville

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