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Wallis and Futuna

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Wallis and Futuna Islands (Uvea)


Futuna: Mo Ona Puleaga Sau, Aux Deux Royaumes, the Two Kingdoms edited by Elise Huffer and Petelo Leleivai. Published by the Institute of Pacific Studies. Recommended retail price $23

Futuna Mo Ona Puleaga Sau (Futuna: The Two Kingdoms) is the first book written entirely by Futunans living in Futuna. The 12 authors chose the themes of their chapters and have produced a book that takes the reader on a voyage across time and into the world of Futuna. Soft cover, 188 pages. Published in 2001.

Uvea by Christophe Sand. ISBN: 2-87263-159-3. Recommended retail price $12.00.

A short account in French of the present day knowledge of the prehistoric times in the Polynesian island of Wallis (Uvea). Soft cover, 51 pages. Published in 1998. More information will be posted soon.

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