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Children’s Grief: A Guide for Parents by Pam Heaney. ISBN 1877135992. Published by Longacre Press. Recommended retail price    $19.95.
How do we talk to children about loss?

Children experience grief for many reasons: loss of a loved one, a separation or divorce, change of school or death of a pet.  We can’t protect them from these traumas.  Yet we can help children to fully understand and cope.

This book is a practical, straightforward guide to help adults talk to children about loss, grief, and death.  It deals with the responses of all age groups – from birth to teens.  Its respectful advice explains children’s needs, and will help readers support children when they are at their most vulnerable.

An invaluable survival guide from the author of the acclaimed Coming to Grief.

Author Pam Heaney is an internationally accredited death and grief educator and a former funeral director.  She has directed educational programs for health care professionals, organized therapeutic workshops, and has worked as a grief counselor and trauma debriefer. Soft cover, 109 pages. Published in 2004.




Make Mine a Bottle! by Natasha Derry Published by National Pacific Press. ISBN 9781877368196. Recommended retail price $17.95.

Breastfeeding is generally considered to be the ideal way to feed babies and young toddlers, but it is not always the best option, for many reasons.  “Make Mine a Bottle!” has been written to support and inform parents who do not breastfeed, and to provide validation for the difficult choice they have made.

Because of the heavy emphasis on breastfeeding in today’s society, it is often difficult for mothers to gain a detailed knowledge of the ins and outs of bottle feeding.  The aim of this book is to fill that void, and to offer the support and information that the antenatal and postnatal system often appears determined not to provide for those who don not conform to the common ‘Breast is Best’ mantra.

Written in an easy-to-read style, “Make Mine a Bottle!” is a comprehensive, yet practical guide to safe bottle feeding that will result ina healthy, contented baby and happy, confident parents.

This is Natasha Derry’s first published work, but she has been writing ever since she was a little girl.  The inspiration for this book came from being a mom and struggling to negotiate her way through the minefield that is bottle-feeding.  Natasha lives in Gisborne, New Zealand, with her husband Brett and their five-year-old son, Gus – the whole reason behind “Make Mine a Bottle!”  A trio of cute but strange cats complete their family.
Published in 2008, 138 pages.


Parenting Girls by Dr. Janet Irwin, Susanna de Vries and Susan Stratigos Wilson. Published by Pandanus Press. ISBN 0958540810. Recommended retail price $25.

"An indispensable book for parents and carers. The advice throughout this handbook is immensely practical. Keep it on your kitchen shelf and consult it as your daughter grows up." Dr. Cherrill Hirst OAM, Chancellor, Queensland University of Technology and Director, Wesley Breast Cancer Clinic.

From diapers to hormone havoc, body piercing to boyfriends, your little girl is bound to make your life a challenge. This book includes the following topics:

¨ babies’ development and toddler tantrums
¨ sibling rivalry and helping a bullied child
¨ motivating your daughter to learn
¨ how to get her to tidy her room
¨ underage and binge drinking
¨ dangerous sex
¨ body piercing and tattoos
¨ avoiding parental burnout
¨ divorce and single parenting
¨ the perils or recreational drugs
¨ ‘hormone havoc’ and teenage behavior
¨ what if your daughter is a lesbian?
¨ why girls smoke more than boys
¨ step-parents and blended families
¨ dieting to death: anorexia and bulimia

Soft cover, 208 pages, published in 1999.

Parenting; What we need to know to make a difference by Terry E. Lawson. ISBN 0958714509. Recommended retail price $13.95.

Have you ever wondered how to raise happy, confident and emotionally stable children? Do you sometimes feel unsure and daunted about the correct and incorrect way to parent?

This book has been written for anyone who has anything to do with children - prospective parents, grandparents, child care workers and those who have already undertaken the responsibility of raising children.

It is vitally important for everyone to receive good grounding in the art of parenting. We are not trained or schooled in parenting, although we should be. This book focuses on infant and child development, how they grow emotionally and the consequences of incorrect parenting. Our ability to raise mentally healthy children depends on being informed about infant/child development and our own mental state.

Knowledge has always been the key to success; this also pertains to raising children. There are many of us who grew up in dysfunctional families. We need to explore the reasons why, otherwise we may perpetuate dysfunction in the families we choose to nurture.

Terry Lawson is a Sydney-based therapist. He is a member of the Australian Association for Infant Mental Health Inc. and the author of The Consequences of Not Good Enough Parenting (1993).

I highly recommend this accessible, lucid book. It has been very helpful in understanding the tasks of parenting, failure in parent/child relationships, and to problems inherent in dysfunctional relationships - Imogen McNamara, Clinical Psychologist, Member, NSW Association of Psychologists, co-author of Separation, Divorce and After.

Soft cover, 249 pages. Published in 1997.

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