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Longacre Press

Accidental Anthropologist,The: A Memoir  by Michael Jackson

Accusation: A wife’s story by Mary Fielding with Jane Westaway

Allons Enfants: A New Zealand Family in France by Linda Burgess

Art of Grahame Sydney, The
by Grahame Sydney and contributors

Ashford Book of Spinning, The by Anne Field

At the Big Red Rooster by William Taylor

Because We Were the Travellers By Jack Lasenby

Canterbury Grapes & Wines 1840-2002 by Danny Schuster, David Jackson & Rupert Tipples

Children’s Grief: A Guide for Parents by Pam Heaney

City Possessed, A ; The Christchurch Civic Creche Case by Lynley Hood

Cloud Farm: High on Banks Peninsula by Jane Chetwynd

Coasting: The Sea Lion and the Lark by Neville Peat

Coming to Grief: A Survival Guide to Grief and Loss by Pam Heaney

Cross Tides by Lorraine Orman

Dalai Lama Story, The : The Making of a World Leader by Andrew Crowe

Dancing with Cranes: On location with a New Zealand wildlife film-maker by Alison Ballance

Dark by Penelope Todd

Great Escapes: A Guide to Motorcycle Touring in New Zealand by Peter Mitchell

Home Run by Paula Boock

I Am Not Esther by Fleur Beale

Icebergs: The Antarctic comes to town by Dave Cull

Jolt by Bernard Beckett

Leading Edge, The: A Life in Gliding by Dick Georgeson and Anna Wilson

Legend of the Kea, The by Philip Temple and Chris Gaskin

Lester by Bernard Beckett

Lies of Harry Wakatipu, The by Jack Lasenby

Looking For Darwin by Lloyd Spencer Davis

Love and Other Excuses by Jane Westaway

Malcolm & Juliet by Bernard Beckett

Mr Bluenose by Jack Lasenby

No Alarms by Bernard Beckett

Out on the Edge by Anna Mackenzie

Out Walked Mel by Paula Boock

Owl a novel by Joanna Orwin

Pick of the Bunch: New Zealand Wildflowers by Peter Johnson

Plight of the Penguin, The by Lloyd Spencer Davis

Plumber’s Progress, A : Pilgrimage to the Heart of Tibet by W. J. O’Connell

Recycled by Sandy McKay

Red Cliff by Bernard Beckett

Red Dog in Bandit Country as told by Bill Redding to Fleur Beale

Reliable Friendly Girls by Jane Westaway

Scarface and the Angel by William Taylor

Shaman and the Droll, The by Jack Lasenby

Sins of the Father:The Long Shadow of a Religous Cult by Fleur Beale

Small Change of Silence, The by Michael Henderson

Spider a novel by William Taylor

Story of the Kakapo, Parrot of the Night, The by Philip Temple and Chris Gaskin

Taur by Jack Lasenby

Three’s a Crowd by Penny Huber

Toast to Martinborough and the Wairarapa, A: Stories from the Vineyards by Dave Cull

Touch of Sleeve, A by Susan Bell

Volcanic Trout: A Complete Guide to Fishing the Taupo Region by Brendon Mathews

Whole of the Moon, The by Duncan Stuart

Watermark by Penelope Todd

Welcome to the Amazon Club: A remarkable journal of hope, bravery and strength by Jane Bissell

What’s Its Name? 1000 Ways to Dub Your Dog by John Gordon

Whistle from the Blunder, A by Diana Noonan

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