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Lonely Planet Publications/Pisces Books

Auckland by Christine Niven

Brisbane & Gold Coast City Map published by Lonely Planet

Bushwalking in Australia by John Chapman and Monica Chapman

Bushwalking in Papua New Guinea by Yvon Prusse

Cocos Island, Diving and Snorkeling Guide to by Lucy Agace

Cycling Australia by Nicola Wells et al.

Diving and Snorkelling Australia’s Great Barrier Reef by Len Zell

Diving and Snorkeling Guide to Australia; Southeast Coast and Tasmania by Peter Stone

Diving and Snorkeling Guide to Fiji by W. Gregory Brown

Diving and Snorkeling Guide to the Hawaiian Islands by Doug Wallin

Diving and Snorkeling New Zealand by Jenny and Tony Enderby

Diving and Snorkeling Papua New Guinea by Bob Halstead and Tim Rock

Diving and Snorkeling Guide to Vanuatu by Bob Bowdey, Judy Beaty, and Brian Ansell

Ecuador & the Galápagos Islands by Rob Rachowiecki

Fiji, a Lonely Planet travel survival kit by Robyn Jones and Leonardo Pinheiro

Great Barrier Reef: Islands of Australia's by Hugh Finlay, Mark Armstrong, and Tony Wheeler

Islands in the Clouds: Travels in the Highlands of New Guinea by Isabella Tree

Melbourne by Mark Armstrong

Micronesia by Glenda Bendure and Ned Friary

New Caledonia by Leanne Logan and Geert Cole

New Zealand: Lonely Planet Guide by Paul Harding, Carolyn Bain and Neal Bedford

Northern Territory by David Andrew and Hugh Finlay

Outback Australia by Denis O’Byrne, Ron & Viv Moon, Hugh Finlay and Jeff Williams

Out to Eat: Melbourne 2002

Papua New Guinea by Adrian Lipscomb, Rowan McKinnon and Jon Murray

Queensland by Joseph Bidloss, Kate Daly, Matthew Lane and Sarah Mathers

Rarotonga & the Cook Islands by Nancy Keller and Tony Wheeler

Samoa by Dorinda Talbot and Deanna Swaney

Solomon Islands by Mark Honan and David Harcombe

South Australia by Denis O’Byrne

Tahiti and French Polynesia by Tony Wheeler and Jean-Bernard Carillet

Tasmania by Lyn McGaurr

Time and Tide: The Islands of Tuvalu by Peter Bennetts and Tony Wheeler

Tonga by Nancy Keller and Deanna Swaney

Tramping in New Zealand by Jim DuFresne

Vanuatu by Denis O’Byrne and David Harcombe

Watching Wildlife: Galapagos Islands by David Andrew

Western Australia by Jeff Williams

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