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Publishing, Editing and Writing

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Publishing, Editing and Writing


Book Provision in the Pacific Islands edited by Linda Crowl. Published by the Institute of Pacific Studies. ISBN 9820201551. Recommended retail price $16

Literacy is essential to the sustainable development of any community any nation. Literacy and book provision go hand in hand, for people must have access to a multiplicity of reading materials in order to learn. Written by practitioners involved in education in the Pacific Islands, this small book assesses book provision in thirteen countries. Infrastructure, experience and expertise exist to ameliorate the reading environment. Resting on these strengths the future of books and reading is bright. Soft cover, 123 pages. Published in 1999.


Editing Made Easy: Secrets of the professionals by Bruce Kaplan. ISBN 0646369075. Recommended retail price $7.50

A basic guide for editing and writing students and anyone who wants to write plain English. Editing Made Easy is the ultimate quick reference for people wishing to develop their editing and writing skills.

This indispensable guide is packed with professional tips on how to add more zap and clarity to reports, articles, press releases, hard news, newsletters, brochures and business communications.

"Clear, concise and appealing like the writing it promotes. Editing Made Easy is an invaluable guide for the beginner and an essential memory job for the experiences journalist." -Colin McKinnon, Training Editor, The Age newspaper, Melbourne, Australia.

Soft cover, 80 pages. Published in 2001.


Eyes like Butterflies: A treasury of similes and metaphors from modern literature in English
by Terence Hodgson. ISBN 187722880X. Published by Steele Roberts. Recommended retail price $14.95.

This compilation began when Terence Hodgson encountered the image “she had eyes like Terra del Fuego butterflies” in a novel. Over a decade of reading he has collected such treasures as:

A damaged El Greco storm sky
A smile like a torch with a weak battery
A baklava of ideas
Twilight ran in like a quiet violet dog
You kissed me like a man crossing out a sentence

…and the many more in this book. It will be a source of reference and inspiration for creative writers – but will mainly be read for the delights to be found in the inventive brilliance of the similes and metaphors themselves.

Terence Hodgson was born in Otago, New Zealand. He has spent many years researching and writing such books as The Big House, Colonial Capital, The Heart of Colonial Auckland, and two novels. Soft cover, 144 pages. Published in 2003.


IPS Publishing Guide by Linda Crowl & Mark Garrett. Published by the Institute of Pacific Studies. ISBN 9820203198. Recommended retail price $13.

The Institute of Pacific Studies has published hundreds of books on a range of subjects from anthropology to poetry. With a very small staff, IPS runs a co-operative publishing program, contracting editors, artists, proofreaders, indexers, printers and the like. This guide is meant for (aspiring) writers as well as those who participate in the production and distribution of books in the Pacific Islands. Soft cover, 100 pages. Published in 2001.

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