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Steele Roberts

Art of Walking Upright by Glenn Colquhoun

At the End of the Day: Ten New Zealanders in Their 80s edited by Joan Maclean

Bent Not Broken by Lauren Roche

Explanation of Poetry to My Father, An by Glenn Colquhoun

Eyes like Butterflies: A treasury of similes and metaphors from modern literature in English
by Terence Hodgson

Family Hold Back: A 1930s Childhood by Lorraine Russell

Firesong by Anne Powell

Five Holocausts by Derek J. Wilson

Gisi's Cooking Book by Gisi Hirschfeld

Health of Pacific Societies,The : Ian Prior's Life and Work edited by Philippa Howden-Chapman & Alistair Woodward

I Heard A Blackbird Singing poems by Maynie Thompson illustrations by Barbara Hefford

I Was No Soldier: An Artist's War Diary by Ted Lewis

Life on the Line by Lauren Roche

Magic Seashell, The by Makerita Urale, illustrated by Samuel Sakaria

Manu Tukutuku, Te: The Maori Kite by Bob Maysmor

Milord Goffredo: A daughter rediscovers her father's war in Italy by Jan Bolwell

Playing God by Glenn Colquhoun

Run for the Trees by Mandy Hager

Shaking the Tree by Roma Potiki

Shebang: collected poems 1980-2000 by David Howard, images by Jason Greig

Snapshots on the Journey: through death & remembrance poems selected by Rod MacLeod

truth AT LAST about the Little Red Hen, The story by Hugh Price, pictures by Isabel Lowe

Talent For Flight, A by Glenda Fawkes

Wreck of the Penguin,The ; New Zealand's Worst 20th Century Shipwreck by Bruce E. Collins

Yesterday's Drums: Echoes From the Wasteland of War by Tony Vercoe

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