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Fiji Museum

Birds of the Fiji Bush by Fergus Clunie, illustrated by Pauline Morse

Cikobia-I-Ra: Archaeology of a Fijian Island by Christophe Sand et al

Domodomo, the scholarly journal of the Fiji Museum

Fiji and the Fijians Volume I: The Islands and their Inhabitants by Thomas Williams

Fiji Journals of Baron Von Hugel, The : 1875 - 1877 edited by Jane Roth and Steven Hooper

Kirisimasi: Fijian Troops at Britain's Christmas Island Nuclear tests edited by Salabula et al

Life in Feegee, or, Five Years Among the Cannibals by A Lady (Mary Davis Wallis)

My 21 Years in the Fiji Islands; and the Story of the Haunted Line by Totaram Sanadhya

Narrative of the United States Exploring Expedition: Volume 3 by Charles Wilkes

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