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Exisle Publishing

Arawata Bill: The Story of Legendary Gold Prospector William James O'Leary by Ian Dougherty

Barry Brickell; A Head of Steam by Christine Leov-Lealand

Doing Our Best: New Zealand mothers speak from the heart edited by Leanne McKenzie & Gail Thomas

Elizabeth Yates; The First Lady Mayor in the British Empire by Judith Devaliant

Fiji's Natural Heritage by Paddy Ryan

Fiordland Underwater - New Zealand's Hidden Wilderness
by Paddy Ryan and Chris Paulin

Good Lobbyist’s Guide, The by Annabel Young

Growing Tall Poppies: Excellence in Top New Zealanders by Michele Cox

Heart of Gold ... the people and places of Otago by Ian Dougherty

Helen; Portrait of a Prime Minister by Brian Edwards

Rolling Thunder: The Spirit of Karekare by Bob Harvey

Untamed Coast - Auckland's Waitakere Ranges and West Coast Beaches by Bob Harvey

Wild at Heart ... the South Island's West Coast
by Paddy Ryan

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