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Geography and Geology

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Geography and Geology


Margin Fades, The ; Geographical Itineraries in a World of Islands edited by Eric Waddell and Patrick Nunn.  ISBN 9820200911. Published by The Institute of Pacific Studies. Recommended retail price $26.

Just as geographers have made a substantial contribution to the study of the Pacific, so the Pacific has made a significant impact on the discipline of geography and on certain of its practitioners.  Research and reflection the region was for long limited to a select group of metropolitan institutions, a distant oceanic realm serving simply as an object of their interest.  The birth of universities in the islands, notably the University of the South Pacific in 1968, has changed all that.

The Margin Fades serves 25 years on to measure some of the accomplishments of its Geography Department, to assemble the work of a new generation of geographers either born in the Pacific of who chose to gravitate from the ‘center’ to the ‘margins’.

The thirteen essays presented here offer a refreshingly new portrait of geography in the Pacific: new perspectives, new  research priorities, a refusal to be constrained by traditional disciplinary boundaries or by some imaginary frontier between pure and applied endeavor, a blending of scientific investigation and of individual experience. Soft cover, 297 pages. Published in 1993.


Pacific Islands Landscapes by Patrick D. Nunn. Recommended retail price $26.

Pacific Island Landscapes explores the origin and physical history of one of the least known regions of the Earth's surface - the Pacific Islands. Never before has such a systematic account of the island groups been compiled.

In this volume, Patrick Nunn outlines how each of the main island groups originated then gives detailed accounts - much from his own research - of islands in Fiji, Samoa and Tonga. A final substantive chapter treats the interaction of early human settlers of Pacific Islands and their environments.

The text is lavishly illustrated with diagrams, maps and photographs and will appeal to persons from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines.Soft cover, 318 pp.

Click here for photo from Pacific Island Landscapes by Patrick Nunn. (21k)

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Aloha Solomons by Gwen Cross.

Climate and Agriculture in the Pacific Islands: future perspectives. Edited by Aalbersberg et al.

Pentecost ... an island in Vanuatu by Genevieve Mescam and with photos by Denis Coulombier

The Fire Has Jumped: Eyewitness Accounts of the Eruption and Evacuation of Niuafo'ou, Tonga edited by Garth Rogers

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