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Australia: Sports and Hobbies

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Australia: Sports and Hobbies


River Behind The Hill, The: A Celebration of Australian Fly Fishing by Philip Weigall. Published by New Holland Publishers. ISBN 1864365188. Recommended retail price $49.95.

The River Behind the Hill perfectly captures the excitement skill and irresistible attraction that fly fishing holds for so many people. Both humorous and insightful, Philip Weigall's entertaining anecdotes about the 'one that got away' and the characters and friends that have accompanied him on his fly fishing journeys make delightful reading. With text accompanied by stunning images that depict both the scenic beauty of the fly fisher's landscape as well as Philip's experiences on the water, this book is essential reading for anyone interested in this ancient sport.

With over thirty years of fly fishing experience, Philip has much to share when it comes to choosing the right equipment or the perfect fly. He also has a sure touch in the art of story telling and has used this to document his passion for wandering the backwaters and bush of Victoria, New South Wales and Tasmania. Thus, The River Behind the Hill is both a collection of narratives and a guide to making the most of that rare moment when the climate is right, the water is close and the fish are jumping. In this celebration of Australian fly fishing, Philip will take you to his most cherished fishing waters, guiding you to the best spots. And, along the way he will awaken your curiosity about this most elegant of sports with his sense of enthusiasm and wonder. He might even inspire you to tie your own fly…

Philip Weigall was born in Melbourne but spent his early years exploring the foothills of Mount Buller. This is where his love of trout fishing began and it has been a guiding influence in his life ever since. Despite returning to the city, attending university and starting work, Philip managed to put over 300,000 kilometres on his four-wheel drive in the quest to perfect his fly fishing techniques.

He wrote his first articles on fly fishing in 1989 and since then has been a regular contributor to FlyLife, Freshwater Fishing and the Australian and New Zealand Fly Fishers Annual. His book, Trout 'n' About, was published in 1994. Philip has also been involved in teaching fly fishing for over ten years and continues to lend his talents to his brother's Millbrook Lakes complex as a guide and trout fishing instructor.

These days, he lives southeast of Ballarat in Victoria with his partner Jane, and enjoys fly fishing as much as he did when he as ten years old. Above all, he enjoys listening to, and telling, fishing stories - but only after a day spent on the water. Hard cover, 159 pages. Published in 1999.


Rock Climbing in Australia by Simon Carter. Published by New Holland Publishers. ISBN 1864363401. Recommended retail price $24.95.

Australia is a nation well-known for taking up the challenge of sporting pursuits. For more and more people, the endurance-testing and risk-taking nature of rock climbing proves an enticing challenge of fitness, strength and skill. With the rugged Australian landscape providing opportunities for the novice and experienced rock climber alike, both Australian and international climbers are increasingly experiencing the beauty of Australia and its many spectacular sites.

Rock Climbing in Australia presents a stunning panorama of images of climbers in action on some of the most difficult and awe-inspiring climbs Australia has to offer.

Whether you wish to enjoy the sheer elation of rock climbing in Australia from the safety and comfort of your armchair, or whether you are ready to get out there and take on new challenges, Rock Climbing in Australia provides an inspiring and informative profile of Australia's key rock climbing regions.

Simon Carter is a freelance photographer whose work has regularly featured in climbing and outdoor magazines around the world. He also produces the hugely popular Australian Climbing Calendar. He recently completed two feature assignments for Australian Geographic - one on Peregrine Falcons in Victoria and Tasmania, and one covering an expedition to a remote part of Western Australia.

A highly accomplished rock climber to his own right, Simon has climbed many of Australia's classic hard routes, including Serpentine, Monkey Puzzle, Slinkin Leopard, India and Alfa Leather. He has also established many hard new routes including Evid D, Not Too Bad, Static Cling, Black Satin Lingerie, Billy Muggins and Global Gas Oven.

He has also competed successfully in numerous climbing competitions from 1989, when he finished second in Australia's first ever climbing compeition, to 1994, when he finished first in Melbourne's Hardrock bouldering competition.

Simon was born in Canberra in 1966. He completed a Bachelor of Arts in Outdoor Education at La Trobe University, Bendigo, in 1990 and currently lives in the Blue Mountains of Sydney. Hard cover, 176 pages. Published in 1998.

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