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Australia: Culture and Society

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Australia: Culture and Society


Aboriginal Australians: Spirit of Arnhem Land by Penny Tweedie. Published by New Holland Publishers. ISBN 1864367466. Recommended retail price $39.95.

This book is superb. Penny Tweedie has gained the trust of families in Arnhem Land and been permitted to photograph some of their most intimate moments. This is a loving, respectful book filled with brilliant photographs of Arnhem Land aboriginals, their environment and their art work. This book is truly magnficient (and I don't wax this eloquently too often). Soft cover, 168 pages. Published in 1998, reprinted in 1999 and 2001.


Joseph’s coat: An anthology of multicultural writing edited by Peter Skrzynecki. Recommended retail price $16.

Joseph’s coat is a collection of multicultural writing from Australians of non-English-speaking backgrounds and, as such, reflects the changing nature of Australian culture.

The story of Joseph is not only a tale of loss and exile – it is also an account of hope, courage, reconciliation and survival. The writers included in the collection have succeeded in communicating their art despite language barriers and cultural differences. The editor has illustrated some of the difficulties facing the immigrants and exiles who have settled in Australia: problems of communication, assimilation and dispossession. Also included are Aboriginal poets and storytellers whose own backgrounds and cultures have been as fragmented and abused as those of the new settlers. Soft cover, 224 pages.


Suburban Backlash: the battle for the world’s most liveable city by Miles Lewis. Published by Bloomings Books.   ISBN 1876473169. Recommended retail price $22.95.

As their neighborhoods are blitzed by indiscriminate development bewildered suburbanites ask: How did we end up in this mess?

With historical insight and characteristic candor Miles Lewis shows how planners and politicians have ignored the aspirations of many Melburnians, in Australia.

Suburban Backlash is a cautionary tale that should be widely heeded.

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