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New Holland Publishers

Aboriginal Australian Art by Ronald M Berndt & Catherine H Berndt with John E Stanton

Aboriginal Australians: Spirit of Arnhem Land by Penny Tweedie

Aboriginal Myths, Legends & Fables by A. W. Reed

Aboriginal Stories by A. W. Reed

Australia the Beautiful Land by Bruce Elder

Australia; Treasure Island by Joel Nathan

Australia, Visions of a Continent photographs by Shaen Adey

Australia Wide Cookbook by Valwyn McMonigal

Australian Bats by Sue Churchill

Australia's Gold Rushes by Robert Coupe

Australia's Wildflowers Transforming the Landscape by Denise Greig

Australian Crocodiles: A Natural History by Grahame Webb and Charlie Manolis

Australian Goannas
by Matt Vincent and Steve Wilson

Australian Insects; A Natural History by Bert Brunet

Australian Marine Life: The Plants and Animals of Temperate Waters by Graham Edgar

Australia; Reef, Rainforest, Red Heart by Darren Jew

Australian Wildflowers, Field Guide to, by Denise Greig

Best of Australian Birds, The by David Watts

Birdwatching in Australia and New Zealand by Ken Simpson and Zoe Wilson

Crossfire: An Australian Reconnaisance Unit in Vietnam by Peter Haran and Robert Kearney

Explore Queensland: Over 70 Tours of the Sunshine State by Bruce Elder

Explore Wilderness Australia; Over 80 ecotours across the Australian continent by Neil Hermes

Frogs of Australia, Green Guide by Gerry Swan

Kangaroos and Wallabies of Australia by Dave Watts

Kingfishers and Kookaburras of Australia: Jewels of the Australian Bush by David Hollands

Life in the Tall Eucalypt Forests by David Lindenmayer and Esther Beaton

Magic of New Zealand, The by Graeme Lay with photographs by Holger Leue

Magnificent Australia by Robert Coupe

New Zealand: a visual celebration photography by Gareth Eyres, text by Graeme Lay

New Zealand, This is by David Wall

Outback Australia by Shaen Adey and Jane Burton Taylor

Perth and Fremantle, Guide to by Liz Glass and Sue Scott

River Behind The Hill, The: A Celebration of Australian Fly Fishing by Philip Weigall

Rock Climbing in Australia by Simon Carter

Secret Sydney by James Cockington

See Melbourne By Tram by de Lacy Lowe

Sharks & Rays of Australia, Green Guide by Kelvin Aitken

Simply Australia; A Culinary Journey edited by Pamela Parsons

Simply New Zealand: A Culinary Journey edited by Pamela Parsons, photographs by Ian Baker

Snakes & Other Reptiles of Australia: Green Guide by Gerry Swan

Spectacular Australian Sea Rescues by Liz Byrski

Sydney, City of Sails; photographs by Shaen Adey

Sydney Harbour: A Guide From North Head to South Head by Clem and Therese Gorman

Tasmanian Birds, Field Guide to by Dave Watts

This is Sydney by Wendy Moore

Underwater Wonders of New Zealand by Gillian and Darryl Torckler

Walking Sydney: Over 20 Original Walks In and Around Sydney by Jeff Toghill

Weekends for Food Lovers in New Zealand by Kerry Tyack

Weekends for Wine Lovers in the North Island by Joelle Thompson

Whale Watching in Australian & New Zealand Waters by Peter Gill & Cecilia Burke, Color illustrations by Pieter Folkens

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