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Hairy Maclary's Bone by Lynley Dodd

Hairy Maclary from Donaldson's Dairy by Lynley Dodd

Haka; a Living Tradition by Wira Gardiner

Handbooks of the Flora of Papua New Guinea: Vol. I. Edited by John S. Womersley

Handbooks of the Flora of Papua New Guinea: Vol. II. Edited by E. E. Henty

Handbooks of the Flora of Papua New Guinea: Vol. III. Edited by Barry J. Conn

Hard Country, Hard Men: In the Footsteps of Gregory by Kieran Kelly

Have We Offended? by Mark Cross

Haviliviliaga Manatu (Reflections) by Tohitohi Nukutuluea - the Niue Writers Group

Hawaii by Glenda Bendure and Ned Friary

Hawai’i , The Backpackers Guide to by Stuart Ball

Hawai'i, An Underwater Guide to, by Ann Fielding and Ed Robinson

Hawai’i’s Birds, A Pocket Guide to by Douglas Pratt with photographs by Jack Jeffrey and Douglas Pratt

Hawai'i's Ferns and Fern Allies by Daniel Palmer

Hawaii: The Big Island: Making the Most of Your Family Vacation by Dona Early & Christie Stilson

Hawaii, The Big Island Trailblazer: Where to Hike, Snorkel, Surf, Bike, Drive by Jerry & Janine Sprout

Hawai’i, The Birdwatcher’s Guide to by Rick Soehren

Hawaii; a Natural History by Sherwin Carlquist

Hawaii’s Fishes; A Guide for Snorkelers, Divers and Aquarists by John Hoover

Hawaiian Birdlife (second edition) by Andrew Berger

Hawaiian Coastal Plants: An Illustrated Field Guide by Mark Merlin

Hawaiian Dictionary by Mark Kawena Pukui and  Samuel H. Ebert

Hawaiian Dictionary, Illustrated by Kahikahealani Wight, illustrated by Robin Yoko Racoma

Hawaiian Forest Plants: An Illustrated Field Guide by Mark Merlin

Hawaiian Insects and Their Kin by Francis Howarth and William Mull

Hawaiian Natural History, Ecology, and Evolution by Alan Ziegler

Hawaiian Reef Animals (Revised Edition) by Edmund Hobson and E.H. Chave

Hawke's Bay: The History of a Province by Matthew Wright

Hawks by Andrew Grant

Hayes Gordon: The man and his dream by Lawrence Durrant

Health of Pacific Societies,The : Ian Prior's Life and Work edited by Philippa Howden-Chapman & Alistair Woodward

Healthy Travel: Australia, New Zealand & the Pacific by Isabelle Young

Heart of Gold ... the people and places of Otago by Ian Dougherty

Heart of the Volcano by Michael Morrissey

Hearts & Minds: Creative Australians and the Environment by Michael Pollak and Margaret MacNabb

Hebes, An Illustrated Guide to New Zealand by Michael Bayly and Alison Kellow

Helen; Portrait of a Prime Minister by Brian Edwards

Hembemba, Rivers of the Forest by Steven Edmund Windua

Herpetofauna of Fiji, Field Guide to by Clare Morrison

Herpetology in Australia: A diverse discipline, edited by Daniel Lunney and Danielle Ayers

He Served: A Biography of Macu Salato by Robert C. Kiste

He Waiata Onaata: Songs from the Past

Hidden From the Surface by Corey Marsland, Imelda Hailes and David Collins

Hikers Guide to the Hawaiian Islands, The by Stuart Ball

Hinemoa & Tutanekai: A Te Arawa Legend retold by Hepora Young illustrated by Kerry Gemmill

Hippa Comes to Beauty Point by Nigel Forteath

Historic Sydney: The Founding of Australia by Susanna de Vries

History, A of New Zealand Architecture by Peter Shaw

History: Icons from Te Papa

Hobsons’ Chance by Jenny Haworth

Holy Torture in Fiji by Muneshwar Sahadeo and others

Home Run by Paula Boock

Homestead by Hugh Mason

Honolulu~Waikiki Handbook: The Island of Oahu by J. D. Bisignani

Honu by Marion Coste illustrated by Cissy Gray

Hooked on Fly-tying by Keith Draper

How To Trace Your Family Tree: and not get stuck on a branch by Janet Reakes

Huia Short Stories 3 by Jill Bevan-Brown, et al

Huia Short Stories 4; Contemporary Maori Fiction Te Awhina Arahanga et al

Huia Short Stories 5; Contemporary Maori Fiction by Marlene Bennetts et al

Hummingbird by James George

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