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Magic of New Zealand, The by Graeme Lay with photographs by Holger Leue

Magic Seashell, The by Makerita Urale, illustrated by Samuel Sakaria

Magnificent Australia by Robert Coupe

Mai Veikau: Tales of Fijian Wildlife by Dick Watling with illustrations by Ian Rolls

Make Mine a Bottle! by Natasha Derry

Making of a Rebel, The : Captain Donald Macleod of the New Hebrides by Katherine Stirling Kerr Cawsey

Malcolm & Juliet by Bernard Beckett

Mammals of New Guinea by Tim Flannery. Revised and Updated edition

Mammals of the South-West Pacific & Moluccan Islands by Tim Flannery

Mana 2000, Cook Islands Special edited by Jean Tekura and Vaine Rasmussen

Mana; Volume 13, Issue 1: Special Solomon Islands Issue edited by Jullan Treadaway and Linda Crowl

Management of Marine Resources in Kiribati by Roniti Teiwaki

Manila: A Memoir of Love & Loss by Purita Echevarria de Gonzalez

Manu Tukutuku, Te: The Maori Kite by Bob Maysmor

Maori Agriculture by Elsdon Best

Maori Art, An Illustrated Guide to by Terence Barrow

Maori canoes: Nga Waka Maori by Anne Nelson

Maori Kite The: Manu Tukutuku, Te by Bob Maysmor

Maori Oral Literature: As Seen by a Classicist by Agathe Thornton

Maori Religion and Mythology Part 1 by Elsdon Best

Maori Religion and Mythology Part 2 by Elsdon Best

Maori Storehouses and Kindred Structures by Elsdon Best

Margin Fades, The ; Geographical Itineraries in a World of Islands edited by Eric Waddell and Patrick Nunn

Mariquita: A Tragedy of Guam by Chris Perez Howard

Marketing Yourself To Employers: a step by step guide to getting the job you want by Dale Shaw Ferguson

Marshall Islands Legends and Stories collected and adapted by Daniel A. Kelin II,
illustrated by Nashton T. Nashon

Marshall Islands, The - Living Atolls Amidst the Living Sea by The National Biodiversity Team of the Republic of the Marshall Islands

Masculinities in Aotearoa/New Zealand edited by Robin Law, Hugh Campbell and John Dolan

Matanitu: The struggle for power in early Fiji by David Routledge

Material Culture of Kiribati by Gerd Koch

Material Culture of Tuvalu, The by Gerd Koch

Mats and Barkcloth in the Kingdom of Tonga by Kerry James

Maui Handbook including Molokai and Lanai by J.D. Bisignani

Maui Trailblazer: Where to Hike, Snorkel, Paddle, Surf, Drive by Jerry & Janine Sprout

Mawson’s Huts: An Antarctic expedition journal by Alasdair McGregor

Max Gimblett by Wystan Curnow and John Yau

McGill's Dictionary of Kiwi Slang, Catchphrases, Characters and Kiwiosities by David McGill

Medusa Papers, The by John Opie

Melbourne by Mark Armstrong

Melbourne, Insight Guide

Melbourne, Insight Pocket Guides by Cameron Duffy

Melbourne, The Pocket Guidebook to, by Stephen Townshend

Merchant of the Zeehaen, The : Isaac Gilsemans and the Voyages of Abel Tasman by Grahame Anderson

Micronesia by Glenda Bendure and Ned Friary

Micronesia Handbook by Neil M. Levy

Micronesia, wall map

Microstates & Nuclear Issues: Regional Cooperation in the Pacific by Yoko Ogashiwa

Midland Line, The: New Zealand's Trans-Alpine Railway by Geoffrey Churchman

Milestones: Turning Points in New Zealand History by Tom Brooking

Milord Goffredo: A daughter rediscovers her father's war in Italy by Jan Bolwell

Mi Mere: Poetry and prose by Solomon Islands Women Writers by Jully Sipolo & 10 other Solomons women

Moa’s Ark: The Voyage of New Zealand by David Bellamy and Brian Springett with Peter Hayden

Mocemoce, Na Vanua; The Land Abiding by Caitlin Scholl

Monitors: The Biology of Varanid Lizards by Dennis King and Brian Green, illustrated by Frank Knight, Keith Newgrain and Jo Eberhard

Monster and Other Plays, The by Vilsoni Hereniko

Monstrance, The by David McGill

Moon Crystal, The by Lisa Shirley

Mora Stone, The by Agnes-Mary Brooke

More Curious than Cautious by Peter Fraser

More Custom Stories from Choiseul collected and illustrated by Sr. M. Gregory, O.P

Morris Minor Story, The New Zealand by Reiner Schoenbrunn

Moths of Australia by I. F. B. Common

Motu Tapu: Stories of the South Pacific by Graeme Lay

Moving Between Times: Modernity and Postmodernity: A Christian View by Brian Carrell

Moving Through The Streets by Joseph C. Veramu

Mr Bluenose by Jack Lasenby

Music, Young Children & You: A parent-teacher guide to music for 0-5 year olds by Doreen Bridges

Musings on Niue edited by Larry Thomas

My Dawning Star/Taku Akatauira by Kauraka Kauraka

My Heart is Crying a Little-Tagi Tote E Loto Haaku by Margaret Pointer and Kalaisi Folau

Myths and Legends of Fiji & Rotuma (students edition) by AW Reed and Inez Hames

My War and Peace by Alec Goldsmith

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