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Observation: A Tool for Learning by Caryl Hamer

Occasional: 50 Poems by Owen Marshall

Olive Tree, The: Collected Poems by Mark O'Connor

Olivia by Lester Earnshaw

Ombudsman in New Zealand, The by Bryan Gilling

One Lady at Wairakei by Rudyard Kipling

On Fiji Soil; Memories of an Agriculturalist by Phyllis Parham Reeve

Only Their Purpose is Mad: The Money Men Take Over NZ
by Bruce Jesson

On the TransAlpine Trail: A travel guide to State Highway 73 and the Midland Railway (fourth edition) by Geoffrey Churchman

Opening Doors by Evelyn Patuawa-Nathan

Our Political Future: The Great Game for The Beehive Shield by Walter Christie

Outback Australia by Shaen Adey and Jane Burton Taylor

Outback Australia by Denis O’Byrne, Ron & Viv Moon, Hugh Finlay and Jeff Williams

Out on the Edge by Anna Mackenzie

Out to Eat: Melbourne 2002

Out Walked Mel by Paula Boock

Over in Australia; Amazing Animals Down Under by Marianne Berkes, illustrated by Jill Dubin

Owl a novel by Joanna Orwin

Owl, the Two & the Medlar, The by Agnes-Mary Brooke

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